Have fun while you learn about Thai food and culture by taking a class with Zabb-E-Lee, the best cooking class in Chiang Mai!

Zabb-E-Lee: The Best Thai Cooking Class In Chiang Mai

Zabb-E-Lee means “very delicious” in Thai, so it’s no wonder why the best cooking class in Chiang Mai has been named after that phrase.

The Best Cooking Class In Chiang Mai

As soon as class started, we knew we’d picked the right cooking class in Chiang Mai. Anne’s bright smile and outgoing personality were contagious as she introduced herself and told us a little about what we’d be doing over the next few hours.

Anne, owner and creater of Zabb-E-Lee the best cooking class in Chiang Mai
Anne, owner and creater of Zabb-E-Lee

The first thing we did was decide what meals we would be making. There were a lot of options to choose from! So after careful consideration, we all told her which appetizer, soup, stir fried meal, curry paste, and curry meal we wanted to make.

menu for the best cooking class in Chiang Mai
Cooking class menu

Next, we were driven to the Ming Muang Market, a nearby market where Anne gets her ingredients from. She told us about the different vegetables and noodles we’d be using and also let us know some alternate ingredients we could use if we couldn’t find certain items once we got back home. We were also given a few minutes to wander and explore the market on our own.

Ming Muang Market in Chiang Mai
Ming Muang Market in Chiang Mai
Anne telling us about the different vegetables in the market
Anne telling us about the different vegetables in the market
So many noodles!
So many noodles!

Once we got back, we were separated into groups based on the meal we were about to cook. Ingredients were laid out and we were told how to cut or smash each of them. Once that was done, we moved from the prepping area to the cooking stations. We each had our own station, which was really cool.

ingredients for the meals we'd be creating with the best cooking class in chiang mai
The ingredients for our meal
Prepping our meals
Prepping our meals
during our cooking class in chiang mai we each had our own work stations
Cooking stations

We cooked, then ate. Then we cooked some more, and ate some more. We were there for 5 amazing hours, learning and absorbing everything Anne said. And she had everything timed very well.

When you thought you couldn’t eat another bite, you started cooking again. Once you were done, you realized you could definitely eat more. Especially after getting a whiff of the plate!

ready for the best cooking class in chiang mai
Professional chef right here!
smashing ingredients together
Smoosh smoosh smoosh!

The five meals we chose were: spring rolls, coconut milk soup, pad thai, khao soy curry paste, and khao soy curry noodles. And there is no doubt that Anne is an amazing teacher because everything we made that day was DELICIOUS!! Oh, and fyi, we are now addicted to Pad Thai!

Spring rolls, coconut milk soup, pad thai, and khao soy curry noodles
Spring rolls, coconut milk soup, pad thai, and khao soy curry noodles

Dessert was also included with dinner. It was a yummy sticky rice with mango that Anne showed us how to make. Hopefully we’ll be able to recreate all of the dishes we made since we were given cookbooks that have detailed instructions and pictures.

Sticky rice with mango that Anne prepared
Sticky rice with mango that Anne prepared

Anne had us dying laughing the whole time too; she’s pretty hilarious! And she’s an inspiration too. She was only 28 years old when she started this cooking class and she has created a business that is thriving! In fact, she now offers an all day cooking class at an organic farm as well!

She teaches classes every day. She is an incredibly hard worker, and she does it all because she genuinely loves what she does. Her father taught her how to cook at a young age and her passion for food and cooking is obvious.

Anne teaches us how to cook Thai food
Anne doing what she loves!
sitting down to eat after our cooking class in Chiang Mai
An amazing experience!

A Few Cooking Class Tips:

  • We recommend reserving a spot in class a few weeks in advance since they fill up pretty quickly. You can do so by emailing Anne at zabbeleecooking@gmail or by sending her a message to her Facebook page which she checks and updates regularly.
  • If you’d like to be picked up from your hostel/hotel, let her know. If you’re within a certain distance you can be picked up and dropped off after class.
  • Water, tea, and coffee are complimentary but have cash on you if you’d like to purchase soda or beer.
  • Let Anne know if you are a vegetarian or vegan; she can make the necessary adjustments.
  • There are two class times for classes in the old town (9am to 2pm and 4:30pm to 9pm). We chose to do the evening class because we figured the weather would be a bit cooler. We’re also glad we chose the evening class because after all that food we just wanted to go straight to bed and go into a mini food coma.
  • The full day class at an organic farm is from 9am to 3:30pm.
  • For more information, you can visit the Zabb-E-Lee website.
Classes now also take place at an organic farm just outside of Chiang Mai
Classes now also take place at an organic farm just outside of Chiang Mai
Anne and Buddy
Anne and Buddy

Final Thoughts On The Best Cooking Class In Chiang Mai

We really can’t recommend Anne’s class enough; it really was one of the highlights of our trip to Thailand. We all left class feeling happy and very full. It’s definitely the best cooking class in Chiang Mai!

Do you like to take cooking classes when you travel? We’d love to read your comments below! 🙂

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Have fun while you learn about Thai food and culture by taking a class with Zabb-E-Lee, the best cooking class in Chiang Mai!

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  1. This is a bucket list item for my next trip to Thailand. On my first trip, I fell in love with the food and Thai food continues to be my most favorite ever.

  2. We’ve been to Thailand several times and each time, I fall more in love with their food. If we go back, I would DEFINITELY take a food cooking class because sometimes, I just want a delicious Thai meal at home!!! I find that w/ the right ingredients, most dishes are pretty simple, yet so yummy!!

    1. I was surprised how uncomplicated it was! All it takes is a bit of practice 😉

  3. Looks like a great time! Love the fact that you get to custom choose your dishes AND go to the market to go through the entire process from farm to table! We’re always looking for cooking classes to learn to make local cuisine and this looks like a perfect Thai cooking class!

    1. It really was awesome to see the process from farm to table. We learned a lot in the class!

  4. Sounds like fantastic fun! I love that there was a market experience included in the lesson – way more immersive that way! Now the trick is trying to replicate the amazing food once you get back home 😀 For some reason I always rule at making the food in the class, though can never quite get it right again once I’m home!!!

    1. I know! I’ll have to update everyone once I try it at home lol

  5. Gorgeous photos! I am about to visit Thailand for the very first time and just learnt my first Thai word – Zabb-E-Lee. Thank you:) Unfortunately, we won’t have a chance to visit Anne in Chaing Mai because we are going to Bangkok and Koh Samui. A cooking class seems like an excellent opportunity to experience local culture and language through food. I am about to search for some market tours/cooking classes in Bangkok!

    1. If you can find one, I’d really recommend it. You get to learn so much!

  6. I continue to say it. I want to do a cooking class so badly. I eat a lot of Asian food, but I don’t know how to cook many of them. Zabb-E-Lee Thai Cooking Class seems like the ideal thing for me. Also, the fact that she is hilarious will make it even better. You seem to have enjoyed it very much. One of the dishes I want to learn to cook is Pad Thai.

  7. This looks like so much fun! I love cooking and I’d like to learn how to make a dish from every country I’ve visited, and those I’ll visit later. I think it’s great that they pick you up and drop you off. You probably won’t find that in too many other countries but Thailand is filled with amazing people so I can see why they go above and beyond. I’m bookmarking this for later!

    1. Hi Mia! It was such a fun experience, I hope you’re able to do it one day 🙂

  8. SO i’ve only recently considered cooking classes while travelling but I’m totally hooked on the idea. I was actually looking for one in Chiang Mai so I’ve liked the facebook page and bookmarked this one, thanks so much for the recommendation. She sounds like a really fun person and it’s amazing that she’s created this business in only two years!

    1. Hi Maria! I hope you’re able to take her class, I know you’ll have a great time 🙂

  9. I also did a cooking class while in Chiang Mai!!! It was one of my highlights for sure, I loved every minute of it! I ate so much and was so full but I couldn’t stop eating…. everything was so delicious. Looks like you had an amazing time as well 🙂

    1. Hi Alli! You’re right, everything was so delicious! 🙂

  10. This sounds like so much fun.Love the whole experience of shopping for ingredients before cooking.Have never done this before would love to.

  11. The food looks delicious and it is really great when you have a teacher who teaches you with great passion and interest. i think this is a great experience.

  12. Wow! What an awesome experience this must have been! 🙂 Love that you all went to the market to pick up the ingredients for your dishes. Everything looks delicious!

    1. I know, that was such a cool feature of the class! 🙂

  13. Next time I’m in Florida, I know where I’m going to eat… Your house! Hahaa! That Thai food looks SO good!

  14. Wow these dishes looks amazing and looks like you had such a good time! Your photos are amazing! Will keep Anne’s class in mind when we visit Thailand,

  15. I didn’t know Zabb-E Lee meant “very delicious” in Thai! I thought it was named after someone but couldn’t understand the connection between the name of the cooking school and Anne!

    I took the morning class, had a mini food coma and napped the rest of the day…

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