Buddy The Traveling Monkey

Who The Heck Is Buddy?

I know that’s what you’re thinking. Well, he’s my stuffed monkey. And why did I choose to make him the star of this show? There are a couple of reasons. For one, I was trying to think of a way to stand apart from the other MILLIONS of travel bloggers out there. Secondly, he’s just so damn cute! 


I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses from people as I take pictures of Buddy everywhere. So in August 2014, Buddy and I embarked on this travel blogging journey. And what a roller coaster it’s been so far! I was so excited to get started. I couldn’t sleep because I had so many thoughts, so many ideas. But I got off to a rough start. I didn’t do nearly as much research as I should have (which, if you know me, is VERY unlike me) and I ended up with two websites which did not allow for easy navigation. But I guess it wasn’t too awful, because just a little over a month after I started I was nominated for a Liebster award by Love and Road. And since then, I’ve tried to reach out to more bloggers to ask for input and advice. Megan from Mapping Megan and Jason from Jason’s Epic Quest have been awesome and so patient with me; I can’t thank them enough!


Now I have a brand new website and can really get this ball rolling. So what can you expect? Well, I’m definitely not one of those girls that does crazy yoga poses everywhere. I’m not knocking them in any way, I just know that if I tried to do that I’d end up with a broken bone. I’m also not a backpacker with rugged hiking boots (not that I wouldn’t try it). No, I’m just an average girl with a full time job, who’s going to school for her masters, and whose preferred foot wear is flip flops. So again, what can you expect? You can expect me to show you that even with a ton of responsibilities, you can still travel! Since starting this blog, I’ve traveled to ChicagoScotland, England, France, New York City, Phoenix, Boston, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Jamaica, and places around my home state of Florida. All of this while maintaining a job and a 3.7 GPA. (Note: I have since graduated and earned my MBA. Yay!)


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Who The Heck is Buddy


If you’ve ever stared at a post card or seen a place on TV that unexplainably drew your curiosity, you can make it happen! It’s just like any other thing that you have a passion for; if you prioritize, if you set goals, you can travel too! I would love to one day leave behind my cubicle life style and make enough money digitally to travel full time. But until then, I hope to show people that traveling isn’t just for rich people. So let’s do this together! No more excuses! Let’s go!


*cue dramatic music*


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    1. Aww! It’ll be the best selfie ever!

  1. I think Buddy is a great companion. Years ago I visited Paris with my sister who was intent on putting a tiny Scooby in every shot. Buddy’s a lot more photogenic.

    1. Oh, that’s cool too! I know some people take Lego figures lol

  2. It’s great that you have fellow travel bloggers to help you out and that you have a new website just two months into blogging. I didn’t do anything much about the design/layout of my site during my first 2 years! Ha ha! Btw, I understand that you’ve just finished your masters programme so congrats! 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks so much! It’s great to finally be done with it and have more time to write 🙂

  3. Well of course he is cute! when I started traveling non-stop, every week taking a plane somewhere for work, I started carrying a small teddy bear with me. It was the only way I could keep sane and have a consistency in my life. he was always there no matter where I was and was the only thing that didn’t change every night. It seemed silly but I had read in many places that one needs some constant, he was it. All the best in the rest of this journey!

    1. It’s definitely true Mar, we need some sort of constant in our life. I’m glad your teddy bear was there for you during that time. 🙂

  4. So amazed that you were able to all of that traveling, maintain a blog, work full-time and go to school. I am quite impressed!

    1. Omg, it’s stressful. But Thankfully I’m done with school now so it gives me more time to dedicate to the blog 😀

  5. My husband and I both have full time jobs. We have a house, are grown ups, etc…yet we have still traveled to over 40 countries in the last 4 years alone! I think it’s great to have people like you help show others that travel IS possible!

    1. Thanks, and you guys are such an inspiration! Keep it up! 😀

  6. So cute!!!! Reminds me of the traveling gnome from Amelie. 🙂

  7. I love the look of your new website and always curious as to when bloggers use inanimate objects when they travel. To be unique! I get it now 😉 I’m glad you are traveling and writing when you can – keep it up! Enjoy the road less traveled.

  8. My traveling stuffed dinosaur named Huck Finn decided that he would rather go adventuring on his own. Naming him Huck Finn was probably the first mistake. He just couldn’t resist trying to make the adventure better. He was last seen in Mount Rainier National Park somewhere on the northern side of the Mountain. If you meet him on your adventures let him know he is welcome to return home.

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