Wondering where to eat in Toronto? There are many options to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites to help make planning your trip a bit easier.

Where To Eat In Toronto

One of the things we love most about Toronto is the food. Because of the diversity of its people, you can find all kinds of cuisines! Below are some of the places and dishes we recommend.

Nathan Phillips Square

When we announced that we were going to be heading to Canada for the first time, we were told we had to try poutine. So when we saw food trucks lined up in Nathan Phillips Square and one of them was serving hot and fresh poutine, we made our way straight for it.

We had no idea what poutine even was until this trip. But thanks to the Google machine, we learned that poutine is “a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.”

I’m not really a gravy person, but the cheese curds more than made up for it. So we recommend trying poutine at least once if you’ve never had it before. And we saw it sold all over the city (food trucks, restaurants, food carts, you name it!) so it’ll be easy to find. But as filling as poutine is, we’re sure you’ll have room for other snacks, so make sure to check out some of the other food trucks in the square as well.

Where to Eat in Toronto - The Poutine Supreme food truck
The Poutine Supreme food truck
Poutine fries from The Poutine Supreme food truck
Poutine fries from The Poutine Supreme food truck

Tim Hortons

Another place you have to visit during a weekend in Toronto is Tim Hortons. It’s a Canadian institution, and although it’s a chain, every local we spoke with said it was a must during our stay. We guess it’s how people from the Northeast United States feel about Dunkin’ Donuts or how people from the Northwest United States feel about Starbucks.

You’ll find a Tim Hortons on literally almost every corner, so make sure you pop in for some hot coffee. We got our first fix at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ).

Tim Hortons in Toronto Airport
Tim Hortons in Toronto Airport

Toronto’s Chinatown

Toronto is a very culturally diverse city. There are a plethora of really cool neighborhoods, each with it’s own dynamic and special character. One of the best known neighborhoods is Toronto’s Chinatown.

Here you’ll find authentic and delicious food. We stumbled upon a little hole in the wall place (the name had “yummy” in it so we figured it had to be good) and had fried dumplings and the best glass noodles we’ve ever had!

Lighted signs in Chinatown in Toronto
Chinatown in Toronto
dumplings from china town in Toronto
Glass noddles in toronto chinatown
Glass noddles

Wafel Bar

If you love sweet and savory waffles (who doesn’t??) then you have to try some of Wafel Bar’s tasty treats. We bumped into them at the Toronto Christmas Market, but their food truck can also be found rolling through the streets of the Greater Toronto Area.

Their waffles are all handmade with high quality ingredients and in the Belgian Liège style. You can get them with a variety of toppings like organic homemade berry compote, dulce de leche, or maple syrup. We chose to get ours with Belgian chocolate!

Where to eat in Toronto - Wafel Bar sign at Toronto Christmas Market
It’s true!
Belgian Chocolate waffle from Wafel Bar
Belgian Chocolate Waffle from Wafel Bar

Delta Toronto

At some point during your trip to Toronto, you’ll most likely be visiting the CN Tower or the Aquarium. Just a couple of blocks away is The Delta Hotel. We had the pleasure of staying at this Marriott property and eating at their signature restaurant  SOCO Kitchen + Bar.

You can enter the restaurant from the entrance on Bremner Boulevard, so even if you aren’t a guest at the hotel you can still enjoy the great food. We had a few meals at the restaurant and each time there where locals there as well, which we think always shows how popular a place really is.

We enjoyed their large breakfast buffet as well as pizza for lunch. We also had a late night snack one evening that consisted of cocktails and French fries!

breakfast buffet at the Delta Toronto
 SOCO Kitchen + Bar bar, wine, pizza, french fries


But the place we recommend the most in Toronto for a culinary feast is Lavelle. Not only does this rooftop bar and restaurant have amazing views and a pool, it also serves contemporary French creations that will have your mouth watering. Chef Romain Avril has put together such a great menu, that it was hard for us to decide what we wanted to get.

We ended up getting a few things! We started the evening with wine at the bar while we waited for our table. Then we had the Charcuterie Board, Tuna Tartare, Sticky Pork Belly, Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate Creme. The flavors and textures were incredible, and the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant itself is just really cool.

Charcuterie board, wine, and tuna tartare from Lavelle
Sticky pork belly, key lime pie, chocolate creme from Lavelle

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Final Thoughts On Where To Eat In Toronto

If Toronto isn’t on your foodie bucket list yet, it definitely should be! There are a lot of food options, but hopefully this post helps you decide where to eat when you plan your visit to The Six.

And if you have already been to Toronto and can suggest some other great places to eat, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 🙂

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Wondering where to eat in Toronto? In this post we've narrowed down our favorite eateries to help make planning your trip a bit easier.