Looking for fun coffee spots while traveling through The Sunshine State? We've put together a great list of unique coffee shops in Florida!

Unique Coffee Shops In Florida

Looking for fun coffee spots while traveling through The Sunshine State? We’ve put together a great list of unique coffee shops in Florida!

Unique Coffee Shops In Florida

We may be a little biased, but we think Florida is the best state in the US. From outdoor activities like swimming with manatees to urban adventures looking for new street art, the state has it all. Including great coffee! So if you start craving some well roasted beans while you’re exploring the best cities in Florida, but want to visit a local and unique shop, this is the perfect list for you!

Anna Maria Island – Ginny’s and Jane E’s Bakery Cafe

Charles of McCool Travel

Visiting Ginny’s and Jane E’s Bakery Cafe on Anna Maria Island is one of my favorite old school Florida experiences. The eclectic, quirky, oddball, kitschy cafe is truly a local hangout that is also popular with seasonal and short term visitors. When you go to Ginny’s and Jane E’s Bakery, in addition to your morning tea (my elixir) or coffee, you must (simply must) order one of their amazing cinnamon rolls. On my last trip, I expanded my palate and devoured an amazing Cuban Egg breakfast sandwich. Que Bueno!

But Ginny’s and Jane E’s is so much more than a coffee shop. It is a visual feast, too. The store is chock full of kitschy artwork, unique hand crafted pieces (furniture, lighting fixtures, home display items), and funky beach signs. Believe me, you will not mind waiting a few minutes for your epic sandwich or cinnamon roll (reminder: get it!) because you will be rightly entertained. As if all that is not enough, Ginny’s and Jane E’s (by the way, they are sisters) sells sundries for your beach trip (lotions and such) and local souvenirs. Old Florida one stop shopping at its finest.

Ginny's and Jane E's on Anna Maria Island
Ginny’s and Jane E’s on Anna Maria Island

Boca Raton – The Seed

While exploring Palm Beach County, we came across The Seed in Boca Raton. It’s Boca’s first specialty coffee shop and juice bar, and they pride themselves in having the best and freshest beans and produce. Inside, visitors will find tables and benches, perfect for chatting with friends or getting some work done on your computer.

Having a friendly staff is also one of their top priorities, and during our visit we were greeted with a warm and friendly smile. Afterwards, we sipped our latte slowly and sat back as we watched people come and go. It certainly is a popular place! With juices crafted from locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables and coffee made from beans that meet the most elite standards, it’s easy to see why!

The Seed in Boca Raton
The Seed in Boca Raton

Crystal River – Cattle Dog Roasters

Crystal River might be best known for its manatees, but it also has some great eateries. Located right on Crystal River’s popular North Citrus Avenue, you’ll find Cattle Dog Roasters, one of the most unique coffee shops in Florida. It’s named after the original owner’s beloved Blue Heeler cattle dog.

It’s a unique place that serves over 20 coffee flavors and blends, high end loose leaf teas, and they can package all of their coffees into single serve k-cups for you to brew at home. Besides the great coffee (we had a Zebra Mocha which had white and milk chocolate), they also have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We especially recommend drinking your coffee or tea outside on their deck to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

Cattle Dog Roasters in Crystal River is one of the most unique coffee shops in Florida
Cattle Dog Roasters in Crystal River

Delray Beach – Subculture Coffee Roasters

Subculture Coffee has a passion for coffee and their community. They believe in fostering relationships with local vendors and with their patrons. Offering a carefully curated menu, Subculture Coffee takes pride in providing guests with coffee roasted in small batches. This ensures maximum flavors.

Located on Delray Beach’s iconic Atlantic Boulevard, it’s the perfect place to fuel up before taking a stroll down the popular street. Or, if you’d prefer to hang out with friends or get some work done, Subculture Coffee also has a comfy lounge area.

Subculture Coffee Roasters in Delray Beach is one of the most unique coffee shops in Florida
Subculture Coffee Roasters in Delray Beach

Fort Lauderdale – The Alchemist

Lola of Miss Filatelista

Although there are numerous adorable coffee shops popping up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but The Alchemist always remains my favorite. The coffee shop is located in a beautiful setting in the outdoor Eucalyptus Gardens market nearby beautiful street art and a farmer’s market aptly named Lola’s. I just can’t get enough of this adorable coffee shop and their killer iced coffee served in mason jars, of course.

It doesn’t hurt that Brazilian Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is also one of my favorite novels and the inspirational passage “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them” is painted on the walls. They also roast their own beans!

If you don’t love coffee they also serve an assortment of teas, juices, and elixirs. Be sure to try their open-faced sandwiches–my favorite is the vegan avocado toast. Although they’ve expanded in recent years it still gets quite busy on the weekends so be sure to arrive early to snag a seat underneath some hanging orchids on the patio.

The Alchemist in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most unique coffee shops in Florida
The Alchemist in Fort Lauderdale

Key West – Blue Heaven

Noel of Travel Photo Discovery

The Blue Heaven in Key West is definitely one of a kind and quirky. More than just a coffee shop for unique and unusual breakfast joints, the food is really tasty and different and the popular patio seating areas in the back are colorful and casual places to relax and enjoy a meal in tropical surroundings.

How about trying the eggs benedict with a lime hollandaise sauce or one of my favorites shrimp or lobster and grits for breakfast – its so delicious. You’ll enjoy having breakfast here at the Blue Heaven and afterwards take a nice stroll in the historic block of cool shops and local galleries on the street. Check out my post here of driving the Florida Keys to Key West for more images and inspiration to visiting the area.

Blue Heaven in Key West
Blue Heaven in Key West

Lori of Travlinmad

If you’re looking to chill out in Naples, Florida, Kunjani Craft Coffee and Gallery is one of the coolest and most comfy spaces around. The word “Kunjani” is both a Zulu and Xhosa word, which translates directly to “How is it?”. More colloquially it means “how are you?” But it’s hardly just a coffee shop. Sure, Kunjani has delicious coffee, homemade sweets, and yummy quiche too. And it’s a local hot spot to get some work done.

But the space is also an interesting gallery of handmade gifts and artwork from Africa, a place near and dear to the owner who hails from Zimbabwe. She and her daughter run the coffee house, and also host weekly meditation gatherings and other fun events.

Their mission is to create awareness of places like Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa, and shed light on humanitarian crises there. They also support a different Naples non-profit organization every month, to spread awareness and collect donations on behalf of the charity. Next time you’re in Naples, chill out at Kunjani!

Kunjani in Naples
Kunjani in Naples

Ocala – Chelsea Coffee Company

The Chelsea Coffee Company in Ocala isn’t flashy or pretentious. Instead, when you walk in you feel like you’ve walked into an old friend’s house. You’re greeted by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, which they get from Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co in nearby Gainesville.

They also offer soups, salads, and sandwiches as well as breads, bagels, and pastries that are made either in house or at a local bakery. They also make their own chocolate drizzle, which we had on our mocha. It was so good and you can really taste how fresh everything is.

Chelsea Coffee Company in Ocala
Chelsea Coffee Company in Ocala

Orlando – Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Sarah of From Lust ‘Till Dawn

Dandelion Communitea Cafe is more than a cafe. It’s a home for the fun loving healthy community of Orlando. Literally, Dandelion Communitea Cafe is set inside a cozy house with separate rooms as if you were in a family member’s home. Local art adorn the walls adding to the community vibe and making this cafe a more vibrant place to eat and relax in.

Their menu offers healthy and delicious offerings from your traditional hummus and crudite to hearty chili. Everything is plant-based and organic, but for those who like to eat meat, you won’t miss it here. In addition to the energetic and nourishing foods they fill your stomach with, they, of course as the name implies, have a wide range of wholesome teas for any mood and health. They also serve wonderfully brewed organic, fair trade coffee!

Lastly, Dandelion has regularly scheduled events like moon circles and happy hour to bring the community of Orlando together. It’s a great place for old and new friends alike and also for children. All are welcome at Dandelion Communitea Cafe with open arms and smiles.

Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando is one of the most unique coffee shops in Florida
Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando

St. Augustine – Crucial Coffee Cafe

Catherine of Her Bags Were Packed

Saint Augustine, Florida has all kinds of unique and exciting places to visit, but one of my absolute favorites is the Crucial Coffee Cafe (and I don’t even normally like coffee). On the corner of Cuna and Charlotte Streets, visitors will discover a lush garden with a handful of tables beside a charming little shack. Formerly a blacksmith’s shop, this shack is now home to Saint Augustine’s most whimsical coffee shop.

Offering everything from traditional black coffee to Snickers Cappuccino and Frozen Milky Way Hot Chocolate, Crucial is the perfect spot for a solo traveler, couple, or family with young kids. During the day, Crucial is a great location to relax with a book among the flowers; or for digital nomads, like me, a quiet spot to catch up on work. But in the evenings, Crucial is transformed by live musicians and twinkle lights strewn throughout the garden into a romantic after dinner-date stop for coffee and dessert.

Crucial Coffee Cafe in St. Augustine
Crucial Coffee Cafe in St. Augustine

St. Petersburg – Brew D. Licious

Jennifer of Sidewalk Safari

I discovered Brew D. Licious in St. Petersburg on a road trip along the Florida Gulf Coast between Naples and Tampa. The espresso drinks were served using high end beans in huge statement mugs. Do these resonate with you? “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” and “Today I will do absolutely nothing”. There is a sentiment for every mood at Brew D. Licious.

This cute coffee shop is definitely worth a stop to rest and recharge on a visit to St. Petersburg. After getting your caffeine fix, if you are so inclined, head on up the road to Cycle Brewing. Sipping their Hazelnut Cream and Sugar, Please stout was like drinking an iced hazelnut coffee and a nice extension to the coffee mojo we found at Brew D. Licious in downtown St. Pete. I believe that a litmus test for how much we’ll like a city is how well it does coffee. In that regard, St. Petersburg was top notch; I loved it!

Brew D. Licious in St. Petersburg
Brew D. Licious in St. Petersburg

Final Thoughts On Unique Florida Coffee Shops

We love supporting local eateries during our travels. And we love coffee! We hope that you’ll stop in to one of these unique coffee shops in Florida the next time you’re visiting the state. Each of them is special and offer their guests a fun and distinct experience.

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Looking for fun coffee spots while traveling through The Sunshine State? We've put together a great list of unique coffee shops in Florida!

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