Want to try something different the next time you’re in Chicago? I mean, really different? How about locking yourself in a room with a zombie?


That’s exactly what we did when we got to the Windy City. I had purchased our tickets online weeks in advance at Room Escape Adventures and we arrived bright and early (they ask you to arrive 15 minutes early to get some info and sign some paperwork). Our guide’s name was Isaac, and he was so enthusiastic and played his role so well that it really got us hyped and set the tone for the craziness that was about to ensue.



Just in case you don’t know what a zombie is


There was a full group of us and we all nervously said hi to each other as we got ready to enter the room. We could hear growls and nails scratching the door from the room next door and then something crashing onto the floor. After some last minute tips, Isaac wished us luck, led us into the room, and locked the door…


And there it was! Chained to the opposite wall, trying furiously to reach us! After the initial shock of actually seeing a zombie, we got to work. The whole point of this adventure is to work together as a team and put together the clues that are all around the room so that you can find the key to get yourself out. You’re trying to do all this without being eaten by the zombie. You have a total of 60 minutes and every 5 minutes the zombie’s chain gets a foot longer, inevitably letting it get closer and closer to you. It’s not easy. When we went at the end of October, out of the 788 people that had gone through, only 215 had escaped. That’s only a 27% survival rate!!


Now, I will be the first to tell you that I’m not really into zombies. I don’t follow The Walking Dead or watch zombie movies. I’ve got nothing against them; they’re just not my thing. But… my friend was into zombies and since it was his birthday I figured, why not? It could be fun, right? And it really was! Running around a desk and screaming bloody murder because the zombie almost grabbed my leg? Fun! Clapping and make noise so the zombie got distracted and didn’t eat my friend while he was trying to figure out one of the clues? Fun! I didn’t think I’d get into it as much as I did!


Of course, I won’t give much more away because that wouldn’t be cool. And we weren’t allowed to take pictures while inside the room. But what I can say, is that we all had a great time! My friend hasn’t stopped talking about it and said it was the best part of our weekend in Chicago. And although I learned that should a zombie apocalypse ever occur I would pretty much be useless, I will say again that it was a great time. And being trapped in a room with a zombie was…… wait for it…… to die for!!



So... We didn't make it lol

So… We didn’t make it lol


Would you get locked in a room with a zombie? Have you had a similar adventure?