Top 7 Reasons To Visit Jamaica

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Jamaica

I was told, “You’re going to love it there!”  and they were so right. Jamaica is one of those magical places that forever leaves an impression on you.


This Caribbean island nation, which is only slightly smaller than the US state of Connecticut, has a lot to offer it’s visitors. So if you need some convincing, here are our top seven reasons for why you should start planning your trip to the island of “All Right.”


Beautiful Beaches

Jamaica has approximately 635 miles (1,022 km) of coastline so it isn’t difficult to find a beach to lay out on.  And with warm tropical weather year round, you’re guaranteed to have some amazing beach days.

Beaches in Jamaica

Laying on the beach in Jamaica



Do you like chasing waterfalls? I mean, who doesn’t right? Then Jamaica is the place for you. There are tons of waterfalls! Some of them are really well known and easy to get to, like Dunn’s River Falls. Then there are others that are a little more hush hush, and barely have any tourists. So make sure to make friends with some of the locals! 😉

Dunn's river falls

Dunn's river falls


Sunsets and Sunrises

Seriously, they’re just gorgeous. So find a good spot on one of the beaches we mentioned and take it all in.

Jamaican sunset

Jamaican sunrise

Photo credit: Aymara C.


History and Culture

Jamaica has a very rich and complex history. The island was originally inhabited by native Taino Indians, but they were eventually killed off and replaced by African slaves when the Spanish settled there in the early 16th century. In 1655, England took control of the island and established plantations that grew sugar, cocoa, and coffee. Then, in 1834, over 300,000 enslaved Africans gained their freedom when slavery was finally abolished. Jamaica was then the first Caribbean nation to gain independence from the British on August 6, 1962. To learn more about the history and culture of Jamaica, make sure to visit some of it’s museums, former plantations, or other historic sites.

Jamaican haunted plantation Rose Hall




The food in Jamaica is delicious and full of flavor. Jamaicans use an array of different spices and dry rubs that will leave your taste buds craving more. Eating jerk chicken with rice and peas is a must, but make sure to also try ackee and saltfish (typically eaten at breakfast).

jerk chicken with rice and peas

ackee and saltfish



Did you know Jamaica was the first island in the Caribbean to produce rum on a commercial basis? Most people are familiar with Appleton Estate rum and we hear taking a tour of the distillery is pretty amazing. There are a lot of other local brands as well though. Either way, rum is everywhere. Enjoy it straight, or mixed. Or in your morning coffee. No one will judge you here!

Rum in Jamaica

Rum cream in Jamaica



And the best reason to visit Jamaica? To be able to soak in that relaxed and laid back attitude. Remember, Jamaicans run on island time and they know how to chill and enjoy the moment…

Top Reasons To Visit Jamaica


Have we convinced you yet? Can you think of any other reasons to visit Jamaica?


And if you’d like to travel to any other islands in the Caribbean, check out this Quick Guide to the Amazing Caribbean Islands by Simon of Travelwith2ofus.


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The Caribbean island of Jamaica has a lot to offer it's visitors. Here are our top seven reasons for why you should start planning your trip.



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