A visit to Seattle means a lot of great things to see and do. Here is a list of our top 10 things to do in the Emerald City.

Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle, Washington

A visit to Seattle means lots of great things to do and see. Here is a list of our recommendations to ensure you have a great time in the Emerald City.


Pike Place Market

If you only go one to place during your time in Seattle, make sure it’s the Pike Place Market. It’s been around since 1907, and with good reason. They have a little bit of everything here: from seafood to fruit, jerky to honey, flowers to lotion. Plus, it’s a great jump off point for other sights in the area. It’s bigger than you think too, so check out their website for a guide and map.

Inside Seattle public market center

Top Things To Do Seattle


The First Starbucks

Whether you’re a huge fan of the coffee franchise or not, you have to appreciate it’s first location. Located in Pike Place Market, everything inside the small shop is original (from the light fixtures down to the floor). Yes, there is a line to enter that goes down the block, but it moves pretty quickly thanks to the expert baristas inside.

First starbucks seattle

first starbucks store Seattle


America’s Oldest Comic Shop

So… I’m a huge nerd. And when I found out the the oldest comic book store in the US was in Seattle, I knew I had to stop in. They’re inside the Pike Place Market, two floors down from the fish market. Golden Age Comics has tons of comics and also a lot of really cool toys and memorabilia. I had a blast and could’ve spent hours looking through everything.

Golden Age Comics


The Gum Wall

In an alley underneath Pike Place Market (I told you this place was big) there is what is known as The Gum Wall. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out why it’s called that. It’s interesting, to say the least! And people get very creative and actually make designs out of their gum. Yes, it’s kinda gross. But hey, I had to leave my gum mark too! 😉

Seattle gum wall

putting gum on seattle gum wall


Seattle Great Wheel

Once you’ve had your fill of the market, head over to the waterfront. There are lots of restaurants and shops, but my favorite thing there is the ferris wheel. It’s one of the largest ferris wheels in North America, measuring 175 feet tall. It has 42 climate controlled (yay!) gondolas that offer really great views of the Seattle skyline, Elliott Bay, and the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle Great Wheel

views from the Seattle Great Wheel


Space Needle

This iconic landmark is hard to miss! It is 605 feet tall, has an observation deck, and a revolving restaurant. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to check out this site. There’s also a pretty cool gift shop on the ground level.

Seattle space needle



The EMP Museum is dedicated to everything pop culture. It’s located in Seattle Center and the building itself is a work of crazy art! Due to time restraints, we weren’t able to go inside but I’ve heard only great things. We did have time to stop at the awesome playground outside though. When my nephews were taking a bit too long to come back to us, I selflessly volunteered to go in after them…

EMP Museum


The Fremont Troll

Have you ever come face to face with a troll? Well you’ll get your chance in Seattle! Take a stroll under the Aurora Bridge and you’ll find an 18 foot high troll, clutching an actual Volkswagen Beetle. Don’t worry though, he’s friendly and loves when visitors climb all over him and take funny photos with him.

The Fremont Troll in Seattle



Seattle has 18 distinctive neighborhoods. They all have their own different feel, from loud and bustling to quiet and quaint. It’s interesting to drive around and see the differences. Although we didn’t get to see them all, we really loved West Seattle. It was really cute, laid back, and had great views.

West Seattle neighborhood

view from West Seattle



And of course, we have to mention the food. Seattle is such a foodie city with a lot of great places eat and drink. For some suggestions, check out this post about unique places to eat in Seattle. We also suggest bringing stretchy pants.

places to eat in Seattle


We loved our time in Seattle and can’t wait to go back. Have you been to the Emerald City? Do you have any suggestions for our next trip? We’d love to read your comments below!


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A visit to Seattle means a lot of great things to see and do. Here is a list of our top 10 things to do in the Emerald City.


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  1. Great, you have shared an awesome post about Washington and it has so much things to get fun. The statue looks so awesome and some beautiful photos you shared of that place.

  2. Oh, I love walking through Pike Place Market! The lunch counters in the market are top-notch. Seattle is such a foodie scene, though! Love it. I loved doing an underground tour of Seattle. There are remnants of buildings and businesses from the former street level still preserved underground. I’d highly recommend it as a unique way to learn more about Seattle.

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to do that next time I visit.

  3. Very informative post! I know where my husband would go, the comic shop. I would love to go to the wheel as I love seeing a city from above.

    1. I’m sure he’d love it Chrysoula! lol And yes, the views from the top are really awesome. 🙂

  4. A great roundup- I agree, the first Starbucks, the Space Needle and Pike Place are musts! I’d also like to explore some of the surrounding islands at some point.

    1. Oh definitely! That’s on my list for things to do next time I visit.

  5. If I visit Seattle, I would love to go to EMP Museum. I’ve never been to museums of pop culture, plus its architecture is already a selling point! Thank you for sharing your experience and advice!

  6. All great places! The gum wall – gross but still cool :). That playground wow! My kids would love it! Definitely keeping this post for when we go to Seattle!

  7. One of my best friend lived in Seattle for two years and she kept inviting me go there and visit her… I missed the opportunity 🙁
    Now I understand why she was crazy about Seattle, it’s such an interesting city, full of attractions and things to do.
    Love it!


    1. Hey Nat! You’ll have to figure out how to add it to your itinerary 😉

  8. I’m glad you loved West Seattle, as that is where I live! One of your photos was actually taken a block from my house 🙂 . Those visiting the city shouldn’t miss the Chihuly Gardens near the Space Needle either!

    1. That’s so cool Erika! I’ll have to get in touch next time I visit. And thanks for the great suggestion! 🙂

  9. I’ve never been to Seattle but I’ve heard such good things especially about the food. I’d love to visit the Pike Place Market – it’s so iconic!

    1. Hi Sue! The food is amazing there! I hope you’re able to visit soon, I think you’d really like it. 🙂

  10. I had no idea the first Starbucks and oldest comic shop were in Seattle! More reasons for me to want to visit and expand my list o US cities I’ve seen.

    1. Hi Alina! Yup, definitely add it to your list! 🙂

  11. Pike Place Market is a must-do for sure. I grew up in Seattle, and I went all the time when I lived there. Now when I return, I go back to visit! You’ve put together a pretty good list of Seattle’s best. Another really cool thing is the Underground Seattle tour.

  12. Pike Place Market is somewhere I never get tired of! This is a fantastic list, thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Honestly, Seattle had not been on my radar until recently. I’ve heard such great things about it, I may have to check it out.

  14. My favorite thing to do in Seattle is drink coffee. There are so many great third wave coffee shops in the city. Love it!

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