There are many things to do in Titusville, Florida! More than we originally thought! This guide includes attractions and Titusville restaurants.

Things To Do In Titusville, Florida

There are many things to do in Titusville, Florida! More than we originally thought! This guide includes attractions and Titusville restaurants.

Things To Do In Titusville

When we found a house sit with Trusted Housesitters in Titusville, we figured we’d spend most of our time at the house. We’d been to Titusville once before, to go skydiving, but hadn’t seen much else around and didn’t think we’d find much.

Something we always try to tell people, however, is that there’s always something interesting wherever you go. You just have to look. We ended up stopping in to the Titusville Welcome Center, where we met Nicole. She told us all about the great Titusville beaches, art, museums, and even suggested some of her favorite Titusville restaurants. Armed with maps, pamphlets, and brochures, we were now super excited and ready to explore Titusville!

Titusville Murals

We love finding new pieces of street art and were so happy to see that there are a few murals in Titusville. They are part of the Florida Mural Trail, and you can find them spread out around town. Our favorite was the one below because it has so many iconic Florida features.

One of the Titusville murals in Downtown Titusville from the Florida Mural Trail
One of the Titusville murals in Downtown Titusville

Pro Tip: Are you a fan of street art? Check out our favorite street art in Wynwood, Miami!

North Brevard Historical Museum

Visiting the North Brevard Historical Museum is a great way to learn more about the area and it’s one of the free things to do in Titusville. Located in downtown Titusville, this small museum has a lot of interesting and historic items that take you back in time. We saw pieces from the 1800s all the way to the present.

It’s like being in a really cool antique shop that’s specific to the local area. Plus, the volunteers that run the museum are super nice and can answer any questions you have. They really know their stuff! Please note the museum is closed on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Historic items in the North Brevard Historical Museum
Historic items in the North Brevard Historical Museum

Fun Fact: We learned that the town was originally named Sand Point, but Col. Henry Theodore Titus won a domino game and had the name changed to Titusville.

Pritchard House Museum

We love touring historic homes so we were very happy to see that the Pritchard House Museum was having a “sneak peak” of the property. Usually tours are by appointment, but on the day we were exploring downtown Titusville the home was open to visitors. We didn’t get a full tour (which usually runs about 90 minutes), but got a good taste of the home and Pritchard family. Pictures aren’t allowed inside the house, but we can tell you that it is beautiful inside, with many original pieces.

The Pritchard house was built in 1891 by Captain James Pritchard in the Queen Anne architectural style. From then until 2005, when the county purchased the home for historic preservation, a member of the Pritchard family lived in the house. While we were visiting, we even met Captain Pritchard’s great grand daughter, which we thought was really cool. Having her tell us about the property and the area made the experience all the more special.

The Pritchard House Museum
The Pritchard House Museum

American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame

Another one of the popular things to do in Titusville is to visit the American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame. It’s no secret that Titusville is steeped in space history and that is proudly displayed in both the museum and nearby Space View Park.

The museum costs $10 to enter and is open Monday through Saturday. Inside, visitors will find cool exhibits and artifacts. Our favorite item was a copy of an X-ray of Neil Armstrong’s overshoes ensuring there were no pins or needles left after they’d been sewn together. Any puncture to them would have been catastrophic while walking on the moon.

X-ray of Neil Armstrong's overshoes
X-ray of Neil Armstrong’s overshoes

Down the street from the museum is Space View Park. Not only is it a nice park to walk, but there are many monuments and sculptures that chronicle the history of those that worked diligently in the space program. You can even see Neil Armstrong’s hand prints!

Space View Park in Titusville
Space View Park

American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum is the country’s first law enforcement museum. It’s quite impressive, with all kinds of vehicles, weapons, and a memorial to American law enforcement officers that have been killed in the line of duty.

The exhibits ranged from the use of segways by police officers, to simulators, to replica electric chairs! There are over 11,000 items in the museum’s collection so we spent a few hours there. There’s also a shooting range adjacent to the museum, if you’d like to practice shooting for a bit.

Inside the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum
Inside the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

Titusville Parks And Recreation

We found a few parks in Titusville that we really liked. We’ve already mentioned Space View Park, but other favorites were Chain of Lakes Park and Sand Point Park because they both had nice trails and views. If you’re looking for nice bike trails, walking paths, or a place to launch your kayak or boat, you’ll be more than happy with the options in Titusville.

View of Chain of Lakes Park from the observation tower
Chain of Lakes Park

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

If you really want to experience “Old Florida” and get to know more of the local flora and fauna, we highly recommend a visit to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It is located on a 35-mile long barrier island across from Titusville. On the southern part of the island is where Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral are, but the northern half is home to over 500 species of wildlife and 1000 species of plants.

Make sure to stop in the Visitor Information Center first, as they have a few exhibits and maps to help you get acquainted with the area. Next, head over to Black Point Wildlife Drive. It’s a one-way 7-mile drive where you can see all kinds of wildlife. Note that there is a $10 fee at the entrance of the drive that is sold on the honor system. We’d hoped to see some gators, but on the day we visited it was so hot that they were most likely all out in the water. We did see lots of birds though!

Black Point Wildlife Drive
Black Point Wildlife Drive

We saw lot of birds on Black Point Wildlife Drive
We saw lot of birds on Black Point Wildlife Drive

Next, head over to the Manatee Observation Deck. It’s a short drive north and there is a parking lot. The deck is also wheelchair accessible. As soon as we arrived and looked out into the water of Haulover Canal, we saw a few manatees! It’s not clear why the manatees are always frequenting this particular location, but honestly, we didn’t care lol! It was just nice to observe them as they slowly swam around. We even saw a mamma manatee and her baby!

manatees at the observation deck at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Pro Tip: Love manatees? You should try swimming with manatees in Crystal River, Florida!

Kennedy Space Center

Of course, one of the most popular things to do in Titusville is to pay a visit to Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Get ready for a day that’s out of this world! See what we did there? 😉 But seriously, KSC is awesome with so much to see; make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Photo op with astronaut at Kennedy Space Center
This is not a statue, there’s a real person in there!

The biggest piece of advice we can give you for KSC: get there as soon as the park opens and head straight to the KSC Bus Tour (included in your general admission price) or you’ll be waiting in line forever. The first bus tour starts at 9:30 and although we were there 15 minutes early, we weren’t the first ones in line. At one point we looked back and saw the line had gotten so long that we couldn’t see the end of it. So…

Anyways, the bus tour is cool because it takes you to some of the restricted areas of KSC. You can see launch pads and assembly buildings that are owned by NASA and other commercial partners. The tour ends at the Apollo/Saturn V Center where you can see the largest rocket ever flown and a ton of other cool artifacts and exhibits. Once you’re done, you can queue up to take a bus back to the main complex. Depending how long you meander through the Apollo/Saturn V Center, the round trip Bus Tour can take around two hours.

From the bus we could see where SpaceX is launches from
From the bus we could see where SpaceX is launches from

Back on the main complex, there are multiple buildings and areas that tell the history of space exploration and pay homage to the many involved in early space programs. A lot of it is interactive too, which is great for the kiddos. We won’t go into too much more detail, but know that you could easily spend an entire day at Kennedy Space Center.

Artifacts inside Kennedy Space Center
Lots of cool artifacts!
Lots of exhibits inside Kennedy Space Center
Lots of exhibits inside Kennedy Space Center

Canaveral National Seashore

Ah, the beach! On the northeastern shore of Merritt Island is a stretch of 24 miles of beautiful undeveloped beach. That means no condos, shops, restaurants; just you and the waves. It’s actually the longest stretch of undeveloped beach in Florida! The shore is divided into three beaches: Playalinda Beach to the south, Klondike Beach in the middle, and Apollo Beach to the north.

From downtown Titusville, Playalinda Beach is easiest to get to. We stopped there after spending a few hours at the Wildlife Refuge. To visit Klondike Beach you need a special permit, because there are no kinds of services out there. If you’re out there for the day, you’re expected to know that you are on your own and you’re expected back by a certain time or else rescue teams will go out looking for you.

Since Klondike Beach is the middle stretch of beach and inaccessible, it makes it a little more tedious to reach Apollo Beach from Titusville. You actually have to drive on the mainland north to New Smyrna and then circle back south. But it’s totally worth the drive. The beach was beautiful and hardly anyone was there. Apollo Beach also has a nice Visitor Information Center with information about the area and a small theater that plays a movie about the beaches and native wildlife.

Playalinda Beach in Canaveral Seashore
Playalinda Beach
Apollo Beach on Canaveral National Seashore
Apollo Beach

Things To Do Near Titusville

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned, there are also a few things to do near Titusville that we think are worth your time. They are easy to get to and can all be done in a day.

Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park & Museum

Located in the town of Mims, just north of Titusville, is the Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park & Museum. Here, we learned about Harry and Harriette Moore. They were teachers and civil rights activists that were killed on Christmas day of 1951 when a bomb went off under their house.

Interesting Fact: Harry Moore was a mentor to young Martin Luther King Jr.

The museum has exhibits and artifacts that tell the Moore’s story and struggle and outside is a replica of their home that you can explore. Tours are given daily upon request, although it is recommended you call ahead if you’re arriving with a big group. It was heartbreaking to learn of what the Moore’s went through, but so important to know about their struggle for equality. We need to remember to keep fighting for the equality of all human beings.

Harry and Harriette Moore
Harry and Harriette Moore
A replica of Harry and Harriette Moore's home
A replica of Harry and Harriette Moore’s home

White Sands Buddhist Center

Also in Mims is the White Sands Buddhist Center. We were a bit surprised to learn of one in the area so we wanted to check it out. It’s a peaceful place to walk around and on the property are three granite statues of Buddha that are the largest in Florida. There’s also a small gift shop.

White Sands Buddhist Center
White Sands Buddhist Center

Seminole Rest

Continuing north, Seminole Rest is a fascinating area to learn about the native Timucuan Indians. Also part of Canaveral National Seashore, this historic site was once inhabited by the Timucuans and they left a large mound of clam and oyster shells behind, as well as other daily items. Not many of these shell mounds are left, most having been removed to make room for railroad lines. The remaining few are historically important and offer a glimpse into the lives of the Timucuan that lived in the area from 2000 BC to 1565 AD.

The piled up shells at one point reached about 18 feet high. Nature has now taken back the land, but shells can still be seen scattered about. The shell mound was saved when the Snyder family bought the land in 1911. The family knew the significance of the area and did what they could to preserve it. There is now a half-mile loop that circles the mound and the Snyder home which visitors can go inside to learn more about the family and the mound itself.

Shells can still be seen throughout the grounds at Seminole Rest
Shells can still be seen throughout the grounds
The Snyder home on Seminole Rest
The Snyder home
Inside the home are artifacts like this photo that shows how deep the shell mound originally was
Inside the home are artifacts like this photo that shows how deep the shell mound originally was

Titusville Restaurants

While you’re in town, make sure to check out these Titusville restaurants. Because we are living the digital nomad life and on a tight budget, we didn’t eat out too much during our two week house sit. We did go out to eat a few times, however, and did enjoy these restaurants in Titusville.

Pier 220

Just outside of downtown Titusville is Pier 220. This is one of the many great seafood restaurants in Titusville and it’s right on the water so it has great views of the intracoastal waterway. Besides the great food (we loved the fried shrimp we ordered), we also like that Pier 220 is so eco-friendly. They use corn-based disposable plasticware, sugarcane-based take out containers, and other paper and bamboo products.

Pier 220 is one of the best Titusville restaurants
Pier 220 is one of the best Titusville restaurants
Fried shrimp platter at Pier 220
Fried shrimp platter

Shiloh’s Steak & Seafood

Another of the great Titusville restaurants is Shiloh’s Steak & Seafood. They have something for everyone and also offer waterfront dining (you have a clear view of Kennedy Space Center from their deck). We ordered calamari as an appetizer and a steak salad for our main meal. Both dishes were delicious!

Steak salad at Shiloh's Titusville
Steak salad at Shiloh’s Titusville

Norwood’s Eatery and Bar

Located in New Smyrna, not Titusville, we wanted to mention Norwood’s Eatery and Bar because it’s a fun place to eat on your way back from Apollo Beach. Plus, it’s a tree house. And who doesn’t want to eat in a tree house? We ordered the Mediterranean Mahi that came with vegetables and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Although we did feel it was a bit heavy with the tomatoes, the fish and potatoes themselves were really good and flavorful.

Norwood's Eatery and Bar
Norwood’s Eatery and Bar
Mediterranean Mahi at Norwood's Eatery and Bar
Mediterranean Mahi

Side Note: We also ate at Victorio’s Oyster Bar and Grille which had great shrimp (we forgot to take pictures though). Additionally, we heard Dixie Crossroads was a great place for seafood (we got multiple recommendations), but unfortunately didn’t make it out to see for ourselves.

Final Thoughts On Titusville

We couldn’t believe how many things there were to do in Titusville; way more than we originally thought. Kennedy Space Center certainly is what may bring people to the area, but we think they should stick around a few more days and check out some of the other attractions in the area.

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There are many things to do in Titusville, Florida! More than we originally thought! This guide includes attractions and Titusville restaurants.

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic experience you had exploring this place. It’s been years since I’ve visited the area. I was just a kid when I visited KSC and thought about stopping by but wasn’t sure if there was more to do. Historical museums are awesome and throw in an additional space museum to the mix? I’m gonna have to set aside a few days next time I pass thru.

    You sure made the most of this housesitting assignment. Thanks for revealing the hidden treasures of the space coast for us.

    1. Hi Mark! We highly recommend you return to see more of the area. Even KSC has changed a lot since your visit, as they are always making updates and changes.

      And my pleasure. I’m so glad you liked the article. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Alyson! And there were actually 2 launches scheduled during my stay in Titusville, but unfortunately they were pushed back to later dates. It would have been really cool to see one. Hopefully next time! 🙂

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