If you're wondering what's the newest and best way to get to know Tallahassee, it's by taking a guided tour with Tallahassee Segway Tours!

Gliding Around With Tallahassee Segway Tours

If you’re wondering what’s the newest and best way to get to know Tallahassee, it’s by taking a guided tour with Tallahassee Segway Tours!


Florida’s capital city isn’t necessarily very large, but there are a lot of important landmarks, historic buildings, and cultural gems. We believe that a great way to get to know any area is by taking a guided tour. It’s a great way to get an overview of the area and orient yourself for future and perhaps more in-depth exploration. Most major cities have some kind of “city tour” like a hop-on hop-off bus tour, bicycle tour, or even a walking tour. We really enjoyed taking the bus tour in Boston because we didn’t have much time there and it helped us get around quickly, however, you miss a lot of smaller details. With bicycle and walking tours, you get more of those details but it can get pretty tiring. We now believe that segways are the perfect way to tour a city!


Tallahassee Segway Tours


We headed over to Tallahassee Segway Tours first thing in the morning. Tim, who was going to be our guide for the next two hours, was also the owner. He told us a little bit about himself, his family, and his company. Tim is a Tallahassee native, and the love and pride he has for his city is obvious. He is also very patient. I was a bit nervous because I had never been on a segway. I imagined myself falling off and either hurting myself or someone else. But with Tim’s help, I quickly got the basics of riding a segway. There is a dedicated training room, where everyone is fitted with helmets (safety first!) and then shown how to get on and off their segway, how to turn, and even how to go up and down ramps.


safety first at Tallahassee Segway Tours

learning how to ride a segway Tallahassee Segway Tours


Next came the fun part! We were off and exploring Tallahassee! We went passed beautiful new parks, cruised around the Florida State University campus, stopped at the Old City Cemetery, paid our respects at the Vietnam Memorial, wandered around the new and old capital buildings, and passed by the Smokey Hollow Commemoration. And the whole time, Tim was enlightening us with fun facts and interesting tidbits.


riding a segway with Tallahassee Segway Tours

University of Florida Tallahassee Segway Tours

veterans memorial Tallahassee Segway Tours

new and old capital buildings Tallahassee Segway Tours

park Tallahassee Segway Tours


By the time the tour ended, we felt like we had a much better understanding of Tallahassee and it’s history. And we were pros on the segways by that time too! It really was a great way to explore the city. We were able to get around effortlessly and without using up too much energy. So next time you’re in Tallahassee, make sure to call Tim and set up a segway tour. You’ll be glad you did!


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Tallahassee Segway Tours

**A big thank you to Tallahassee Segway Tours and Visit Tallahassee for providing us with a complimentary tour! As always, all opinions are our own.**


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  1. Sounds like a fun way to explore! I’ve never been on a Segway, but would be up for giving it a try sometime. I like that they gave you info on the history of Tallahassee, sounds like an interesting morning! I’d love to check out Tallahassee as well sometime–we lived in southern Florida for a few years, but never made it to Tallahassee!

    1. Hi Jenna, if you’re able to go back for a visit I definitely would. It’s a great city!

  2. sounds like a lot fun!! But I would be scared to get on one segway though. Thanks for sharing this post, your photos of the park are awesome.

    1. Thank you Carla! I was scared too, but it’s easier than you think!

  3. I love Segway tours!!
    I did my first one last years and had so much fun. As you said it’s an easy and fast way to get around, you can definitely experience and see more things that on a normal walking tour. Plus you have the fun of riding it around. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience Tallahassee look beautiful!

  4. You had me at Segway Tour!! I have always wanted to do one – and have looked at them in Berlin and Florence, but for whatever reason, we never managed to get on one! Your tour looks like so much fun and I would be first in line for this if I’m ever in Tallahassee!!

    1. Oh Vicki, I think you’ll love it! I hope you’re able to go on one, it’s a lot of fun!

  5. I love segway! such a great way to travel around – slow enough to see everything but not so slow you can’t cover a wider area. Tallhassee looks like a good place to segway too!

    1. Yes! I am now convinced that segways are perfect for touring a new city. 🙂

  6. I’ve never been on a Segway either. Looks like fun. How long was your tour?

    1. Hi Tara! Including the training, just over 2 hours.

  7. I didn’t even know Tallahassee was Florida’s capital. My bad! I did a guided segway tour in Scottsdale, AZ, and it was so fun. One piece of advice: Don’t window shop while riding. I fell off!

  8. I’ve seen these around before. Never thought I would be any good at it, so its good that Tim allocated some time for some training. It wouldn’t be as tiring as a walking tour I’m sure!

    1. Definitely not! It was already pretty hot, so I can’t even imagine walking around in that heat.

  9. What a fun way to see a city! I have always wanted to do a segway tour but was worried it would be difficult to figure out. I like that you were able to practice a little before the tour started. It sounds like a great way to cover a lot of ground without getting sore feet.

    1. I was worried too! lol But having the practice beforehand made me feel pretty confident.

  10. Segways are fun, I took a Segway tour in Nova Scotia and loved it. You move right along although at first it is intimidating. Great share!

  11. I’ve always seen people on Segway tours and wanted to give it a shot. I’m worried I would fall on my face (I’m not the most graceful person!) Was it hard to get used to operating it?

  12. This looks very cool way to explore the city! We are planning a trip to Florida for next year, so I will have to remember this. Hopefully we will have as fun as you guys.

  13. I have never been to Tallahassee and I have never been on a segway. But i have seen them in numerous cites and they look like a lot of fun. Love all the picks you took and shared!

  14. I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered doing a segway tour when I travel, but it looks kinda fun in this place!

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