As soon as you walk in, your senses are bombarded with bright colors and amazing smells. Sloan’s Ice Cream is perfect for the kid in all of us!


We recently heard about Sloan’s from a friend. All they said was, “Oh my God, their ice cream is so amazing!” So obviously we had to stop by and taste it for ourselves. Sloan’s has been around since 1999 and they have a few locations in South Florida. We visited the Delray Beach location on Atlantic Avenue, as it’s only a few minutes from where I work.


The inside of Sloan’s really is incredible. It’s bright pink walls, colorful chandeliers, and cherubs on the ceiling will have you spinning. If Willy Wonka and Lisa Frank had a baby, this would be it lol!


The counter inside Sloan's Ice Cream


They have everything from candied apples to homemade fudge, chocolate truffles to treats for your four-legged friend. They also make shakes and smoothies.


Candies apples, fudge, chocolate, and dog treats inside Sloan's Ice Cream

Candy selection at Sloan's Ice Cream.


But of course, what they are most famous for is their luxury ice cream flavors. Flavors like banana, carrot cake, chocolate oreo cheesecake, coffee and doughnuts, dulce de leche, and many many more. We tried “Vincenzo’s Nutella Vanilla.” It was smooth and creamy and every time we got a chunk of nutella our taste buds did a little happy dance.


Ice cream and Mona Lisa with ice cream at Sloan's Ice Cream.


We enjoyed our ice cream while sitting outside, enjoying the weather and the people as they walked by. It was a nice way to relax and spend the afternoon.


Street view of Sloan's Ice Cream in Delray Beach Florida


So we will definitely be visiting Sloan’s again. It’s a great place to get ice cream in Delray Beach, Florida but you can also check out their website to see their other locations.


Have you been to Sloan’s? What flavor ice cream would you like to try?


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