Malta: Europe’s Top Off The Radar Destination

Malta: Europe’s Top Off The Radar Destination

A couple of days ago Annie from Many Malta Apartments got in touch with me about her infographic of Malta and “Why It’s Europe’s Top Off The Radar Destination.” It got us very curious… and after looking at the infographic it’s making us really want to head out to Malta.


Malta lies in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean sea in the south of Europe! Offering warm weather most of the year, great food, wine and much much more. The Maltese people are well known for their sociability, friendliness and for hosting some of the  best festivals in the world. Here are the three of the coolest:


    • – International Fireworks Festival (April) – Breathtaking show of fireworks with synchronized music


    • – The biggest Isle of MTV event (July) – It’s one of the focal points of Malta, with live music and best of all this event is free


      • – Great Beer Festival (July – August) – Massive 10 day event, showcasing local and international beers from all around the world


So without any holdups I present to you Malta: Why It’s Europe’s Top Off The Radar Destination. I guarantee it will have you day dreaming about a Malta adventure…


Malta Europe's Top Off The Radar Destination Many Malta Apartments


Did any of these reasons catch your eye? Have you been to or have you thought of visiting Malta?



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