Huntsville restaurants are amazing! In this guide, we reveal the best places to eat in Huntsville, Alabama. Includes breakfast and brunch!

**A big thank you to the Huntsville/Madison County CVB for hosting our trip and providing us with some of our meals.**

Huntsville Restaurants

Yes, Huntsville is known as Rocket City. However, we think that Huntsville food should be given some recognition as well. There are a lot of great restaurants in Huntsville, with a variety of cuisines and styles. Below are some of the Huntsville restaurants that we ate at during our visit…

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Most Fun Place To Eat In Huntsville – Pints & Pixels

We road tripped from Atlanta, so when we arrived in Huntsville we were pretty hungry. Our first stop was Pints & Pixels, an arcade with over 50 vintage arcade games and pinball machines. It’s a really fun place, but we ate before we played any games lol!

They have a full food menu and full bar. We got a Chili-Cheese Dog and fries. The beef hot dog was great and the chili was delicious. We thought the fries were really good too because of the seasoning they used. Although we didn’t get a drink, we peeked at their bar menu and had to chuckle at the names of some of their cocktails: “DK’s Banana Barrel” and “Princess Peach Cosmo” and other video game inspired drinks.

Chili-Cheese Dog and Fries at Pints & Pixels, one of the most fun places to eat in Huntsville, Alabama
Chili-Cheese Dog and Fries

Best Pub Food In Huntsville – Ale’s Kitchen

Located inside popular Campus 805, Ale’s Kitchen has some truly amazing food and we think it’s one of the best places to eat in Huntsville. The food is made from scratch, they use locally sourced ingredients, and it’s got such a fun and vibrant atmosphere. They’re also attached to Straight to Ale, an award winning brewery.

To start, we ordered a rum and coke. Yum! And for our meal we ordered Kimchi Pork Tacos. The flavors were amazing and had just the right amount of kick! We could’ve eaten about five more of those tacos!

Rum and Coke at Ale's Kitchen, one of the best Huntsville restaurants
Rum and Coke
Kimchi Pork Tacos at Ale's Kitchen
Kimchi Pork Tacos

Best Breakfast In Huntsville – Blue Plate Cafe

On our first morning, we had what is probably the best breakfast in Huntsville. At Blue Plate Cafe, they specialize in classic southern dishes and besides these classic dishes, they also offer a large helping of smiles and Southern hospitality.

We ordered a Blue Plate Breakfast that came with two scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. We always ask for cheese with our scrambled eggs and it’s how we tend to judge a place. Sometimes cheese is thrown on top after the eggs are done, so it doesn’t even melt. At Blue Plate Cafe, however, the cheese is mixed in. And a lot of cheese too! So we were very happy with our cheesy order lol! The hashbrowns were also nice and crispy.

Best breakfast in Huntsville is at Blue Plate Cafe
Blue Plate Breakfast

Best Burger In Huntsville – 1892 East

Self described as a modern-tavern, 1892 East is another of the best restaurants in Huntsville. They are proud of their community and work with local farms and breweries so you know everything you order is made with fresh ingredients.

We were told we HAD to get the “1892 Burger” when we visited, and who are we to argue with a local’s recommendation? Turns out they were totally right because this burger was amazing. It was thick and juicy and came with balsamic aioli and cheddar cheese from a nearby farm. It’s one of the best burgers we’ve ever had! The fries were also crispy and seasoned very well.

1892 Burger from 1892 East, one of the best places to eat in Huntsville AL
1892 Burger

Most Unique Place To Eat In Huntsville – AM Booth’s Lumberyard

If you’re looking for one of the more unique places to eat in Huntsville, we recommend AM Booth’s Lumberyard. They have a restaurant, multiple bars, a courtyard, and even a restored 1920s train car called the Blue Bayou that you can dine in.

During our visit, the Blue Bayou was having a murder mystery themed dinner. Between clues and trying to figure out who done it, we were served lots of food and drinks. The Blue Bayou’s themed dinner’s are a lot of fun and sell out quickly so we recommend making reservations ahead of time.

Family-style dining on the Blue Bayou at AM Booth's Lumberyard
Family-style dining on the Blue Bayou

Best Coffee In Huntsville – Honest Coffee Roasters

Another great Huntsville breakfast spot is Honest Coffee Roasters. They are located downtown, and have freshly roasted coffee and simple but tasty breakfast options. We were wanting a light breakfast that morning, so we ordered a latte and muffin, both of which were very yummy.

Best coffee in Huntsville is at Honest Coffee Roasters
Yummy latte
Muffin from Honest Coffee Roasters in Huntsville AL
Very rich muffin

Best Sunday Brunch In Huntsville – Cotton Row

There are a few downtown Huntsville restaurants, but if you’re looking for the best brunch in Huntsville (or best meal for that matter), head on over to Cotton Row. They have an amazing chef and the restaurant has won many awards. It’s American fine dining, with deep Southern roots.

During our visit to Cotton Row, we ordered a Gem Lettuce Salad and the Pan Seared Wild Pacific King Salmon dish. The salad came with shaved pecorino, fennel, sourdough croutons, and goddess dressing. We’ll be honest, it takes a lot for a salad to thrill us. But everything was so fresh and the dressing really made it pop. It was delicious and we also thought the plating was really nice.

Gem Lettuce Salad from Cotton Row, one of the best Huntsville restaurants
Gem Lettuce Salad

The salmon came with crispy baby potatoes and vegetables along with an herb citrus butter. Out of all the meals we had in Huntsville, we probably ate this one the slowest because we really wanted to savor every bite. The salmon melted in your mouth and the potatoes and vegetables were cooked perfectly. If Cotton Row wasn’t such a classy place, we would’ve licked the plate!

King Salmon from Cotton Row, one of the best restaurants in Huntsville AL
King Salmon

Final Thoughts On Huntsville Restaurants

Our weekend in Huntsville was the perfect getaway between two house sits. As we mentioned before, we think Huntsville food should be acknowledged more. There is a lot of tradition in the cuisine, but also a lot of modern adaptations. We loved that so many of the Huntsville restaurants were sourcing their ingredients locally and we also loved that so many venues were fun and creative. We can’t wait to visit again and discover more delicious places to eat in Huntsville, Alabama!

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Huntsville restaurants are amazing! In this guide, we reveal the best places to eat in Huntsville, Alabama. Includes breakfast and brunch!