Vacation sunglasses - How do you find your forever pair? We have tips to help you discover the sunglasses you'll want to take on every trip.

How To Find Vacation Sunglasses You’ll Want To Wear Forever

Vacation sunglasses – How do you find your forever pair? We have tips to help you discover the sunglasses you’ll want to take on every trip.

How To Find Vacation Sunglasses

When preparing for a vacation, making sure you have all the essentials is a must for a hassle-free trip. It can be tempting to buy new beach products like a new pair of shades, especially when you’re headed for somewhere sunny. However, instead of buying a new pair for every trip, finding sunglasses you’ll want to wear forever can be a better option.

You can’t go wrong with timeless, classic, and flattering sunglasses when you’re on vacation. Finding the right pair has all-year-round appeal, no matter what’s currently in style or where you’re taking them. Here are some tips on finding your forever vacation sunglasses…

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Shop For Your Face Shape

With so many styles, finding vacation sunglasses that suit you during and after your trip can be challenging. However, there’s a way to narrow down the choices when looking for a forever pair. Your face shape is an essential factor in finding your forever vacation sunglasses.

Knowing your cheekbones, forehead, jaw, and face length measurements and dimensions can help determine which parts to emphasize or minimize. Though your face will change as you age, being aware of its shape can help you predict how you’ll look as you grow older, making finding flattering sunglasses that look good on you throughout the years and trips you’ll take, no matter the trendy styles of the era.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, you can look for shade styles and shapes that suit you best. Virtual try-ons are widely available to help you determine if a pair of sunglasses suits you. Augmented reality filters allow shoppers to see how their favorite shades look on them from the comfort of their devices. You can easily browse through all kinds of frames and styles without visiting their physical stores, helping you explore more options until you find the perfect fit for your face, no matter the changes it may go through as you age.

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Choose From Timeless Brands

You’ll find no shortage of sunglasses brands while looking for your forever vacation shades, making a choice much more difficult. When in doubt, looking through the catalogs of timeless brands can help you narrow down your options for a pair of shades that can last you through the years, changing styles, and vacation destinations.

Designer sunglasses from Brands like Ray-Ban have remained top names for decades thanks to their styles that are classy, chic, and easy to pair with any look. Fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, and Versace are also iconic brands to try, as they offer high-fashion shades.

While buying a pair of sunglasses from timeless brands is a sure way of ensuring longevity and style, they can be pricey for some. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly options inspired by the styles of iconic players in the sunglasses market.

Cheaper alternatives can work almost as well as those from notable names, as proper and adequate sun protection is the most critical factor when buying sunglasses. It can also put you at ease when taking them on a trip since they can get lost, damaged, or stolen; you won’t have to mourn the loss of an expensive pair during a troubling situation.

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Consider Classic Styles

Classic styles are classics for a reason; they’re aesthetically pleasing and look good no matter what you’re wearing and where you’re wearing them, even as fashion trends cycle in and out throughout the years. You can choose a simpler, timeless model that’s been loved for decades or go for a fun and updated version of a classic style.

Consider rectangular, round, cat-eye, oversized frames, and the like—they’ve evolved but have always kept the elements that have made them beloved in the industry despite changing eras. If you’re having trouble picking a forever pair of sunglasses, these styles can be your starting point.

Brands are also constantly coming up with new takes on these models so that you can add some trendy fun to your look. Iconic types of sunglasses like aviators, initially made for pilots, have evolved into a fashion statement; aviators go well with all sorts of outfits and face shapes, as they are very chic.

Occasionally, aviator shades get a modern revamp, with their thin, metal frames evolving into thicker ones. Many versions also come in fun colors and tinted lenses, perfect for a classic yet trendy feel you can love for a long time and where on countless trips— and they also look just as good when the vacation is over.

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Final Thoughts On Vacation Sunglasses

Finding your forever vacation sunglasses is so important. You’ll be stress-free and able to spend time and money on more important things, like enjoying your vacation! 🙂

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Vacation sunglasses - How do you find your forever pair? We have tips to help you discover the sunglasses you'll want to take on every trip.

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