If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend your morning, consider a hot air balloon ride in Central Florida!


Riding in a hot air balloon is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now, and I was so excited to learn that they had rides in Central Florida, just outside of Orlando. I originally tried back in June for my birthday with Orlando Balloon Rides. Unfortunately, the winds were too strong so they decided to cancel the flight. Safety first! I was a little upset, but it was an understandable reason to cancel. We ended up spending the day in Legoland, so it wasn’t a total loss. 😉


This time though, everything went as planned. We arrived at the Welcome Center at 6am and filled out some waivers. We were put in groups, got into vans, and rode out about 15 minutes to the field where the balloons were readied. It was a little chilly, and pretty misty, which added to the mystique and excitement. After a quick safety brief and instructions on how to get into the basket, we watched as the balloons were filled and slowly began to rise. Ours wasn’t the only balloon that morning; there were some other companies there with balloons as well. It was really cool to see them all taking shape and rising.


Orlando Balloon Rides

Filling the hot air balloon

Waiting for Orlando Balloon Rides to finish filling the balloon

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Central Florida


Around 7:15am, we climbed into the basket. One thing I hadn’t realized was that the basket was sectioned off into 5 parts: 4 corner areas and a section in the middle for the pilot. In other words, I could not walk from one corner of the basket to the other. But that didn’t take away from the experience. While we were up in the air, the balloon turned so we had great vantage points at all times.


Inside the hot air balloon basket

Who wouldn’t take a selfie with giant flames in the background?!



It was so peaceful and calm up there. Watching the sun peak through the clouds and looking down over the trees was amazing. Pat, our pilot, occasionally pointed out some landmarks and answered random questions. He was so funny, and really added to the experience.


View of Central Florida from a hot air balloon

Hot air balloons above central Florida

View of Central Florida

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Central Florida


In total, we were up in the air for an hour and six minutes. We traveled 8.78 miles and reached a max altitude of 2,476 feet. Our max speed was 13.3 mph and our average speed was 7.9 mph.


Hot Air Balloon Ride In Central Florida

Proof that Florida does have 4 seasons 😉

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Central Florida


The landing was a bit interesting… I don’t know why, but I thought that perhaps there was more of a way to steer the balloons. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies? Or was thinking more of zeppelins? Either way, we were pretty much at the mercy of the winds. Pat and the other pilots were in communication the whole time via radio, figuring out where to land based on wind speed and direction.


Hot Air Balloon Ride In Central Florida


We ended up finding a clearing in a corner of a residential community that was still being built. As we approached, we passed over occupied homes and a golf course, waving to the people below. Then we heard Pat say, “It’s gonna be bumpy!”


We held on to the straps on the rim of the basket and slightly bent our knees as instructed. Then we hit the ground hard and bounced. We hit the ground hard a second time, this time staying on the ground. I won’t lie, it was a rush and the thought did cross my mind that maybe the basket would roll. It was fun though! Like, roller coaster fun! I was laughing hysterically the whole time.


Pat of Orlando Balloon Rides

Pat was an awesome pilot!


Then, we each got out of the basket and helped the crew (who had been following below in their vans) get everything put away. We were also given some champagne and orange juice so we could toast to anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Finally, we all got back into the vans and headed back to the Welcome Center.


Drinks after riding with Orlando Balloon Rides


I can’t say enough how much of a great experience this was. It was so wonderful and magical. I think everyone should ride in a hot air balloon at least once in their life. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!


A few tips:

  • – Don’t wear a skirt: You’re climbing in and out of a basket that comes up to about chest level. If you must wear a skirt, make sure it’s a long one.
  • – Wear layers: It’s chilly in the early morning, but once that sun rises it gets pretty warm. Plus, remember there’s a giant flame shooting up into the balloon, so you might start to feel a little toasty.
  • – Bring snacks: Total time from arriving to the Welcome Center to leaving was about 3 hours, so if you don’t eat breakfast beforehand, you’ll probably be pretty hungry by the time you’re done.


Would you ever want to fly in a hot air balloon?


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