The Graduate Hotel Lincoln is such a unique place to stay in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. See why we loved this hotel and why you will too!

Graduate Hotel Lincoln: A Unique Stay In Lincoln, Nebraska

The Graduate Hotel Lincoln is such a unique place to stay in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. See why we loved this hotel and why you will too!


Graduate Hotels

For many people, their years spent in college were some of the best in their lives. Graduate Hotels aim to rekindle those memories and that feeling of nostalgia. Each of their hotels is uniquely designed; a lot of research is done to be able to tell a story about the local community.


Graduate Hotel Lincoln

During our road trip across the Midwest, one of our stops was Lincoln, Nebraska and we stayed at the fun and quirky Graduate Lincoln. It is located in the historic Haymarket District in downtown, so a stone’s throw away from many of the local attractions including the UNL campus.


Hotels in downtown Lincoln NE
Graduate Lincoln is the most fun hotel in downtown Lincoln!


Graduate Lincoln Lobby

We dare you to find a more fun atmosphere in any of the downtown Lincoln hotels! As soon as we walked in, we felt more like we were in a college dorm common area than a hotel. It looked comfy and cheerful, not like some hotel lobbies where you’re scared to touch anything. There were even arcade games to play!


Behind the front desk is a nod to Johnny Carson who attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Behind the front desk is a nod to Johnny Carson, who attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The Graduate Lincoln lobby is a comfortable place to hang out
The Graduate Lincoln lobby is a comfortable place to hang out
The Graduate Lincoln even has arcade games in its lobby!
The Graduate Lincoln even has arcade games in its lobby!


Graduate Lincoln Rooms

Not only do the rooms have comfy beds and great amenities, but almost everything you see in the room has a story behind it. When we say careful thought and research goes into every Graduate Hotel, we mean it!


During our visit, we stayed in a Graduate King Room. We loved the plaid carpet and college-themed work desk. There was a portrait of Brook Berringer, a quarterback who played for the University of Nebraska football team in the mid-1990s. And our favorite piece of the room was one of the nightstands that was made out of an old school television set (Nebraska has a long and proud television history).


Graduate Lincoln rooms
Graduate King Room
An ode to Nebraska's television history can be seen in this nightstand in this Graduate Lincoln room
An ode to Nebraska’s television history can be seen in this nightstand.
College-themed work area in our Graduate Lincoln room
College-themed work area


There are also lamps made of roller skates, because the National Museum of Roller Skating is just down the street. There’s a map of Nebraska. And, of course, there are curtains with corn on them. Welcome to the Cornhusker State!


Graduate Lincoln Amenities

The Graduate Lincoln also has amenities like an indoor pool and a gym. We didn’t get a chance to use either, but they both looked well cared for. We imagine that indoor pool must be pretty popular during the winter time!


hotels in Lincoln NE with indoor pool include the Graduate Lincoln
The Graduate Lincoln indoor pool
Lincoln NE lodging with a gym
The Graduate Lincoln gym


Graduate Lincoln Restaurant

We loved John J’s Chow Hall and its Tiki Bar. The restaurant was named after John J. Pershing, a senior United States Army officer with many ties to Lincoln. The military theme can be seen throughout, especially in the names of the drinks at the Tiki Bar.


Once again, we loved the decor of the main dining area. It was fun and colorful! Breakfast was great, but what we really loved was the Tiki Bar. We made sure to do extensive research so we could write a proper review! 😉


Graduate Lincoln restaurant John J's Chow Hall
John J’s Chow Hall
Graduate Lincoln breakfast
Graduate Lincoln breakfast
Graduate Lincoln Tiki Bar
Graduate Lincoln Tiki Bar
Graduate Lincoln Tiki Bar
Fruity cocktails go so well with mac and cheese!
The Graduate Hotel Lincoln has great drinks
This drink was called the Major General MacDonald!


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Final Thoughts On Graduate Lincoln

The Graduate Hotel Lincoln was such a unique property! We loved that so much thought was put into even the smallest detail. Even our room key paid tribute to a Nebraska legend! The Graduate Lincoln is also in a great location and offers its guests many amenities. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay.


where to stay in Lincoln NE? The Graduate Lincoln has fun details like this room key.
This was our room key. Did you know Edwin Perkins invented Kool-Aid in Nebraska?


So if you’re wondering where to stay in Lincoln, we definitely recommend the Graduate Hotel Lincoln. For more information on rates and availability, you can visit their website.


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The Graduate Hotel Lincoln is such a unique place to stay in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. See why we loved this hotel and why you will too!

**A big thank you to the Graduate Lincoln. Although we were given a discounted rate, as always, all opinions are our own.**


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  1. I had never heard of the Graduate Hotels, and I love the concept! I find their decor and idea very cool and retro, and not like anywhere else I’ve stayed. While I have no plans to travel to Lincoln, Nebraska, I’ve looked up the Graduate Hotel locations, and I see a number of cities that I do travel to — and will definitely make a point of trying them out.

  2. Wow love how patriotic this hotel is! All the decor is so complimentary to the overall theme- even down to the room key. Sounds like it’s in the perfect location too for all the site seeing. Would love to visit someday.

  3. I have one word for you…. Plastics. Actually, the Graduate looks like a fun, campus property. I recently had a chance to check out Ann Arbor and it was a lot of fun. The energy and promise of being near a major University is intoxicating.

  4. LOL what a fun thing to do. We used to have a School Dinners event here that was incredibly popular – but this actually looks a lot comfier! I love the styling of the Graduate Hotel – I wish my student digs had been half as luxurious, but I do get the idea!

  5. OMG, this is my sort of hotel. A gym, fine dining but the arcade machines! Would love to check this place out if I ever get to that area.

  6. I love the concept – to take you back to your college days and remind you of the most wonderful times of your life. The theme of Graduate Hotels totally appeals to me, though I’ve never actually heard of them. I love the details, the interiors and the rooms!

  7. What a cool idea Vicky. Beyond cool. I figure that arcade would suit me perfectly. Even though I never dormed I lived vicariously through all my buddies, who did dorm at one time or another. This would be a blast from the past in many ways. Rocking post.


  8. Cool concept targetting alumni. I suppose they are located n places with large universities1

  9. Graduate – such a fun name and true its name seems to provide some good fun ambiance. A college dorm common area does sound good. The room with its decor is so cool. Loved that lamp by the bedside. Great place with good food options too.

  10. Graduate Hotels, an approprate name for a town with several colleges and universities. Is Graduate a hotel chain? I would not be surprised if they had hotels in each university town! Of course, I am not sure if students could afford them. I love the all-weather pool and the breakfast spread. Good swim and a good breakfast afterwards goes well together.

  11. What a great concept! I bet this property is booked during football season

  12. Graduate Hotels giving you the feel of graduation days.. Wow! That is such a nice concept. I like that TV and the lamp on skates. They have really made efforts to give the graduation day feel. The restaurant and food too looks guide. Loved your pictures and the concept of the place.

  13. I spent a day at the Graduate in Tempe Arizona and it was such a cool spot – I love the retro vibe in these properties!

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