Fun Things To Do In Western Massachusetts

Fun Things To Do In Western Massachusetts

There’s so much more to Massachusetts than Boston! In this post, we want to highlight some of the fun things to do in Western MA.


Fun Things To Do In Western MA

We’ll admit that we didn’t know much about the other side of Massachusetts. We were going to be exploring the area with our friend Brianne of A Traveling Life so we started researching Hampshire County and we realized there is quiet a bit to do! Boston is known for its hustle and bustle, but Western Massachusetts offers fun attractions while still having small town charm.


So if you’re looking for day trips in Massachusetts outside of the big city, we recommend driving through Hampshire County. Below we’ve listed out our favorite cities and sites.


Things To Do In Northampton MA

This city is known for its history, culture, and cute shopping area, so there are plenty of things to do in Northampton. We especially loved the Smith College Museum of Art. It is widely recognized as one of the leading academic museums in the country.


With an expanding collection, the museum’s mission is to cultivate inquiry and reflection by connecting people to art, ideas and each other. They have a lot of interesting pieces, but something visitors should definitely not miss are the public bathrooms on the lower level directly adjacent to the exhibition gallery. Even they have been beautifully designed as functional art.


Smith College Museum of Art is one of the things to do in Northampton MA

Smith College Museum of Art

Functional art inside Smith College Museum of Art, one of many Hampshire attractions

The prettiest bathrooms we’ve seen!


While visiting Northampton, we recommend taking a stroll along Main Street. The shops have fun merchandise and the storefronts are cute. We even saw this mural as we explored the area.


Mural in Northampton, things to do in Hampshire county ma

Mural in Northampton


If you’re wondering where to eat in Northampton, we suggest ConVino Wine Bar. This cozy restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and has over 70 varieties of wine. They also have live music by Spanish guitarist Tony Silva on Sunday and Monday nights.


We loved everything about ConVino! During our visit we indulged in the weekend pairing special, which was a lemon ricotta gnocchi with mushroom spinach cream sauce paired with a glass of Cordero de Montezemolo. And for dessert… cheesecake!


ConVino has an extensive wine list

ConVino has an extensive wine list

where to eat in Northampton MA

Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi

dessert in Northampton MA



Things To Do In Amherst MA

If you’re visiting Amherst with kids, or just like donuts, we recommend going to Atkins Farms. They have a lot of great food items, but what they’re best known for is their cider donuts. We thought they were fantastic!


things to do in western ma with kids

Atkins Farms

fun things to do in western ma

Fresh food and products from Atkins Farms


Another thing to do in Amherst is visit the Emily Dickinson Museum which is actually in her old home. Unfortunately it was closed on the day that we visited, but we would have loved to learn more about this incredible poet.


Emily Dickinson house in Amherst

Emily Dickinson house


It’s also nice to simply walk around Amherst and admire the architecture and some of the shops that they have in town. There were a lot of cute book stores and beautiful churches.


Things to do in Amherst MA

Admiring the architecture in Amherst


Things To Do In Easthampton MA

We think one of the coolest things to do in Easthampton, especially if the weather outside isn’t great, is visiting Mill 180 Park. This indoor park is truly revolutionary! They bring the outdoors in, with lovely green spaces that you can enjoy as a group or in quiet solitude.


Visitors will find hydroponically-grown plants that not only add to the aesthetics, but are also used at the cafe to create the freshest dishes. The park is in a restored mill, and they’ve used the space wonderfully with play areas for kids and also little nooks for curling up with a good book.


Finding a peaceful retreat at Mill 180 Park is one of the best things to do in Easthampton MA

Finding a peaceful retreat at Mill 180 Park

Things To Do In Western MA

Play and then eat meals made with food grown right on site


Things To Do In Williamsburg MA

If you’d like to get your creative juices flowing, visit Snow Farm in Williamsburg. This once working farm is now home to studios and living areas where anyone can learn all kinds of crafts like glass blowing, metalworking, ceramics, and welding (to name a few). This is one of the few craft programs in the country that is open to beginners.


They offer various workshops, from two to five days, and students can stay on the property and even have their meals included with their stay. The two week program that they have for teens is especially awe inspiring as it’s almost equivalent to a college semester and the teens are able to show off their works at the end of the program.

Guests that visit Snow Farm in November also get to do some great shopping! Pieces from across the region from over 200 craftspeople are sent to Snow Farm so guests can do some early holiday shopping. You can also try blowing your own glass ornament!


things to do in Hampshire county ma

Glass blowing at Snow Farm

Items guests can buy during Snow Farm's Seconds Sale

Items guests can buy during Snow Farm’s Seconds Sale


Where To Stay In Hampshire County MA

As you’re exploring Western Massachusetts, there are a few options for where to stay but these are the ones we recommend. If you’re staying in Northampton we suggest staying at The Hotel Northampton. It’s right in the center of town, with great amenities and two restaurants.


One of the two queen beds in our Residential Suite, best Northampton accommodation

One of the two queen beds in our Residential Suite at The Hotel Northampton

Living Room with fireplace at our Residential Suite

Living Room with fireplace at our Residential Suite


If you’d like to stay a bit further north in Amherst, we recommend the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Amherst-Hadley. The hotel is in a great location, with fast WiFi and complimentary breakfast. And comfy beds!


Our room at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Amherst-Hadley, where to stay in Amherst MA

Our room at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Amherst-Hadley


Final Thoughts On Western MA

Driving through Western Massachusetts was a lot of fun and we enjoyed getting to explore some of the cities in Hampshire County. There’s definitely a lot more to Massachusetts than people think!


Have you visited Western Massachusetts? Where else should we go the next time we’re in the area? We’d love to read your comments below! 🙂


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Massachusetts is SO much more than Boston, so we've put together a list of fun things to do in Western MA. From indoor urban parks to world class museums, get to know the other side of Massachusetts.

**A big thank you to Visit Hampshire County for arranging our fun itinerary! Although we were their guests, as always, all opinions are our own.**


  • Look like a nice trip and pictures you captured in your post! Such a awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing it. Keep posting!

  • Medha Verma says:

    History, culture and cute shopping area has totally sold me on Northhampton. The Smith College Museum of art, although not a place I’d normally visit, seems to be really cool! I love how they’ve done the art in the restrooms, especially the sink. So cool! Also, ConVino’s wine collection, gnochi and cheesecake look appetising! Thanks for this informational post.

  • Ami Bhat says:

    The indoor park seems like so much fun. It seems quite well done. I even like the sound of Smith College Museum of Art. There seems so much of talent there. I definitely dig those wash basins and agree with you that they are pretty. Seems like a fun place – Western MA.

  • Shweta says:

    Seems like there are lots of options for getaways to MA. Atkins Farm looks like something my daughter would enjoy.

  • Wouldn’t mind trying those cider donuts at Atkins Farm. Looks a really interesting area, we visited Boston for the first time last September but went south to Rhode Island. Wouldn’t mind going back this Autumn and heading west this time.

  • Looks like Buddy is enjoying his cider donut! I’m a donut fan too. High five! The Art scene and the donuts are enough to drag me to West MA! The ConVino Bar looks like a fun place to visit as well!

  • prabhu says:

    love the way you described about your trip, specially love your taken images which showing you enjoyed a lot in the whole trip. Thanks for sharing about western ma, next week i am too going there.

  • Indrani says:

    The indoor park concept sound so good, bringing nature in! Plenty of scope to enjoy during rains too. I would like to blow my own glass ornament.   Great activity. The tip on where to stay is useful.

  • So man amazing sights and experiences in Western MA. Each seems to be offbeat and unique in its own right. I am really fascinated by the Smith College Museum of Art. The fact that the bathrooms have been done up so tastefully and with such lovely artwork is amazing. Another unique place I would love to visit is the Mill 180 park. It looks so beautiful.

  • Vasu Devan says:

    It is a comprehensive guide to Western MA. So many things to do . I particulalrly liked the concept of indoor park and also the meditating garden elf. 🙂 The Bathroom just reinforces that you are in a centre for art! I think getting craftspeople is a masterstroke to keep the guests happy and engaged.

  • Kate says:

    I had no idea there were so many activities and historical sites in Western MA. The cider donuts are calling to me. And, you are definitely right about the Smith College bathrooms being the prettiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen.

  • Sally Noble says:

    Hampshire County definitely has a bunch going on but I always like to pose a few other trips to folks that seem to get overlooked by Eastern Mass visitors. Try taking Route 2 (Mohawk Trail) to Western Mass through Orange and Irving (up in Franklin County) and there are many hiking and canoeing opportunities. Make a stop in Montague/Turners Falls but if you continue you’ll hit Greenfield and Shelburne Falls and have more sites. Continue to hit Williams College and North Adams. Anyway that’s just one awesome alternative. There are others 🙂

  • We hope you will stop at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art next time you are in Amherst, MA! We are minutes from Atkins Country Market!

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