Fun Places To Eat In Tallahassee

Fun Places To Eat In Tallahassee

While exploring Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, you’re bound to get hungry. Here are some fun and mouthwatering places for you to try!


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Paisley Cafe

We fell in love with everything about Paisley Cafe! The charming decor, Kiersten (the owner) and her story, and of course the food! Kiersten had worked in banking for 19 years when she suddenly decided to change career fields and open a cafe. She wanted to do something that she loved, and that love can be sensed in every aspect of the food at Paisley Cafe. While we were there, we had a Paisley Salad, Cheese Grits with Shrimp, a Grilled Cheese sandwich, and Macaroni & Cheese made with Seminole Pride Beef.

The flavors were all so incredible. I’m not usually a fan of grits, but these grits surprised me and the grilled cheese had Gouda, bacon, and sun dried tomatoes… I was pretty sure I’d died and gone to heaven. And all of Kiersten’s dishes are so simple! She never uses more than seven ingredients, and they’re always the best quality. I was really impressed by the Seminole Pride Beef, which comes from the Seminole Indian Tribe’s cattle, right outside of the Everglades. And when you stop by, make sure you ask for Kiersten. She has such a fun and positive vibe, I think Buddy has a crush on her! 😉

Paisley Cafe in Tallahassee

Paisley cafe salad Tallahassee

shrimp and grits tallahassee

paisley cafe sandwhich

mac and cheeseTallahassee

kisses with paisley cafe owner


Uptown Cafe

A relaxing place to enjoy a yummy breakfast! Uptown Cafe is a family owned cafe that has been around for over 30 years. While we were there, we had the Banana Bread French Toast. Let me tell you, it was delicious! We also had a side of Bradley’s Sausage, which comes from a family owned country store just outside of Tallahassee. Our friend ordered the You Chews It, meaning you get to build your own breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was on a bagel and had bacon, egg, and cheese. Uptown Cafe also sells brownies, cookies, and other snacks that you can take home for later!

Uptown Cafe Tallahassee

Uptown Cafe french toast Tallahassee

breakfast sandwhich Tallahassee

Uptown cafe treats Tallahassee


Momo’s Pizza

This was voted Tallahassee’s best pizza in 2015! There are currently two locations, one on Market Street and one on Tennessee Street. During our visit, we stopped by the Tennessee location. We went near closing, which was perfect because it was easy to find a table and our pizza came out quickly. Momo’s is famous for having large slices of pizza. Their slogan is “Slices As Big As Your Head!” for crying out loud. My kind of place, for sure!! However, my friend and I both knew we wanted more than one slice, so for the price we decided to get a medium sized pizza. Just FYI, a Momo’s medium is larger than most chain restaurant sized large pizzas.

Momo's pizza Tallahassee

best pizza in Tallahassee

eating pizza in Tallahassee

That first bite… the cheese… happy monkey right here!!

momo's pizza Tallahassee


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Dog Et Al

This is a local favorite. It has a 1950’s diner vibe and the service is so personal, we felt like we were making friends as we ordered. And of course, the hot dogs are amazing. They’ve done the hot dog math (there’s proof on their website), and according to it there are 10,230 possible hot dog combinations that can be made with their 10 different meats and 10 different ingredients. You also have a choice in the size of the hot dog as well. While we were there, we ordered a Big Dog with chili and cheese and a side of cheese fries and small apple pie, a Big Foot Dog with chili, cheese, sauerkraut, and bell peppers, and a hand-dipped corn dog. Delicious!

Dog et al Tallahassee

best hot dog in Tallahassee

dog et al chili cheese dog

Dog et al Tallahassee


Wells Brothers (AKA Monk’s)

Another local favorite, Monk’s has been voted Tallahassee’s best burger for three years in a row. And it’s no surprise with the kinds of burgers they offer. You can build your own burger, or choose from their eclectic menu. My friend and I decided to order two burgers and split them, which was a perfect way to try two burgers that I was torn between: The Lip Smacker and The California. The Lip Smacker is topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, peanut butter, and strawberry jam (for an additional charge). Yes, you read that right. Peanut butter on a burger. And it works!! It was such a great burger! And The California was great too. This burger was covered in avocados, tomatoes, sprouts, Swiss cheese, and a big glob of cream cheese. Both of these burgers were different but each was amazing in it’s own way.

Monk's Tallahassee

Monk's peanut butter and jelly burger

Monk's California burger in Tallahassee


Lofty Pursuits

If you’re still hungry after all of this amazing food, or are just craving a late night snack, then stop by Loft Pursuits. Not only do they make great ice cream (they rotate through almost 200 flavors), but they also sell games and toys, make their own hard candy (on display is some old school candy making machinery), and display lots of cool vintage items. It’s a fun place to browse around while eating some yummy ice cream or drinking a tasty shake.

Lofty Pursuits Tallahassee

best ice cream in Tallahassee

lofty pursuits games

lofty pursuits candy

ice cream Tallahassee


So are you monkeys hungry yet? What do you think of all the great food options in Tallahassee? We’d love to read your comments below! 🙂


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While exploring Tallahassee, Florida's capital, you're bound to get hungry. Here are some fun and mouthwatering places for you to try!


**A big thank you to Visit Tallahassee for suggesting such great places to eat. While two of the meals were complimentary, as always, all opinions are our own.**



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