At South Mountain Creamery in Maryland, visitors can feed calves and have delicious ice cream and other products straight from the farm!

From Field To Fork At South Mountain Creamery

At South Mountain Creamery, visitors can feed calves and have delicious ice cream and other products straight from the farm.


Located just outside of Frederick, Maryland is South Mountain Creamery (SMC). This dairy farm is passionate about what they do and has been delivering quality products to it’s customers since its founding in 2001. They believe in sustainable practices, treating their animals responsibly and humanely, and using the finest resources available. They do everything there on the farm meaning they grow, process, package, and sell their own products. They call this their “from field to fork” process.


South Mountain Creamery


Customers can have farm-fresh milk, eggs, meat, produce and more delivered straight to their door. You can also stop in if you’re in the area. During our visit, we went inside Karen’s Kountry Store for some super-premium ice cream. I had some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! 😀 While I ate, I checked out some of their other products. Cheeses, meat products, and pretty much everything that you could also get delivered to your home.


South Mountain Creamery

South Mountain Creamery


Then we moved on to the main reason for our visit. We wanted to feed the baby cows!! Omg, they were so adorable!!


feeding cows at South Mountain Creamery


The calves are fed every day at 4pm (rain or shine). A large bottle is placed in front of each calf so you can go along the line feeding to your hearts content.


feeding cows at South Mountain Creamery

feeding cows at South Mountain Creamery

feeding cows at South Mountain Creamery


They were so frickin’ cute!! And strong too. They want their food, so hold on to that bottle tight!


feeding cows at South Mountain Creamery


SMC also has a small playground for kids to play in. It’s a good place to stretch your legs and take in the surrounding land.


kinds playground at South Mountain Creamery


SMC also offers tours which take you through every part of the dairy farm process. It does require at least one week’s notice, however. I think it would have been really cool to go on the tour and learn more about their sustainability efforts.


South Mountain Creamery


We had a great time at SMC and would recommend anyone in the area to stop by. It’s great for kids and adults and is both a yummy and educational experience!


South Mountain Creamery

8305 Bolivar Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

(301) 371-8565


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At South Mountain Creamery in Maryland, visitors can feed calves and have delicious ice cream and other products straight from the farm!


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  1. Sounds a lot like the Tillamook Creamery here in Oregon, which is delicious! So much fun! Love the animal photos.

    1. Thanks!! The Tillamook Creamery is on my list of places to visit!

  2. Melody Pittman says:

    This looks like so much fun! I am so jealous that you got to feed a cow. Your pictures are so cute. 🙂

  3. The baby cows are so cute. It must have really been a fulfilling experience to feed them. The ice creams look luscious too. It is a great pleasure to have natural foods straight from the farm or dairy.

  4. Those baby cows are cuties! I love supporting local farmers and their efforts at sustainable education and practices. Plus, it’s just fun to visit and sample goodies, like that ice cream!

  5. A great place to explore. Fun that you got to play with baby cows and get fresh ice cream. Nothing like ice cream from a dairy!

  6. Oh my goodness, I want to feed baby cows!! It’s good to know they believe in sustainable practices and treating their animals well. They look like happy cows 🙂

  7. Jealous 🙂 The calves are sooooo cute! My parents both grew up on a farm in Minnesota and when I was a child we used to go the creamery for fresh ice cream and such! Your article brought back nostalgic memories!

  8. I’ve been following you silently and I really really love all your trips! Damn, I would love to feed a baby cow, too!

  9. What a sweet experience! I got close to some baby cows in Switzerland once. They really are strong!!

  10. Cute cows and delicious ice cream? This creamery is right up my alley. Count me in!

  11. Oh my goodness the ice cream looks fantastic. I’ve had a chance to visit several dairies in Canada and I’ve always enjoyed the farm fresh cheese and other goodies.

  12. That looks like lots of fun. I bet you enjoyed feeding the cows.

  13. This looks like a lot of fun. Really love the idea of “farm to fork” and fresh produce consistently. The ice cream all looks delicious. Great fun and educational as well.

  14. OK, this is the most useful travel post I have ever read. Even though I live only 45 minutes away and probably have driven through Middletown several times, I did not know about this farm. Since I am an ice cream snob, I MUST go here.

    Thank you for the recon work. I will do extensive research!

  15. What an amazing place. Oh look at those baby cows. They are adorable. It looks like you had fun there. I like to feed animals

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