Experiencing A Four Island Tour From Ao Nang, Thailand

Experiencing A Four Island Tour From Ao Nang, Thailand

When traveling to Southern Thailand, exploring the islands in the surrounding area is a must. Luckily, it’s easy to find island tours that can whisk you away to paradise, even if only for a day.


Island Tours In Thailand

While spending time in Ao Nang, it’s easy to find tours of different islands in the area. There are literally vendors on every street corner. We found one we liked just down the street from the resort we were staying at. For 1,000 Baht (about $28) you are picked up and dropped off at your hotel, taken by longtail boat to four islands and a bay, and provided lunch, water, and fruit.

Four Island Tour Ao Nang

The longtail boat we rode on


Phra Nang Cave Bay

Our first stop was Phra Nang Cave Bay. The bay itself is gorgeous. You have time to swim around and explore the long stretch of beach. There is also a small cave where fisherman leave offerings to a mythical sea princess in hopes of successful fishing trips and a safe return home. Interestingly enough, you can also find many large wooden penises. These phallic offerings are supposed to help with fertility.

Phra Nang Cave Bay Thailand

Wooden penises in Thailand

Phra Nang Cave Bay


Chicken Island and Tungming Island

Next we stopped by Chicken Island (you’ll see why it’s named that in a second) and Tungming Island. Chicken Island we just passed by to take pictures, but at Tungming we were given the opportunity to jump off the boat and snorkel. We weren’t quite up for snorkeling so we dozed on the boat.

Chicken Island Thailand

Chicken Island



Poda Island and Tup Island

The third and fourth islands were Poda Island and Tup Island. We had our buffet style lunch on Poda and were given time on both islands to swim and explore the beaches. It honestly felt like we were in a dream because the beaches were just so spectacular. The white sand and bright blue water were amazing. And although we were part of a group tour, since we were given time to explore we were able to wander off and find a section of beach that had no one on it. Again we dozed. Taking a nap under palm trees with the sound of waves crashing is the best thing in the world…

Poda Island and Tup Island

Poda Island and Tup Island


A few tips:

  • – Don’t purchase a tour from the first person you talk to; talk to a few because you may be able to find a lower price.
  • – If you have your own snorkel gear, bring it with you. Tour companies provide them, but we’re sure you’d prefer to use your own.
  • – Bring towels and a change of clothes in a waterproof bag. Getting in and out of the longboat while trying to time it right because of high waves can be tricky. One lady was half way up the ladder when a wave came by and completely soaked the bag she was holding.
  • – If you only put down a deposit when arranging your tour, have cash on hand for the remaining cost. There won’t be any ATMs in the area where the longboats take off from. You’ll also want cash for some smoothies and snacks sold on some of the islands.
  • – Bring sunblock!


Have you explored any of the islands in Southern Thailand? Which one was your favorite?


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When traveling to SE Thailand, exploring the islands in the surrounding area is a must. Luckily, it's easy to find affordable island tours.



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