The story of Detroit, a city of rebirth and renewal, can be read on its colorful walls. Over the last few years, the city has really come to life and during our recent visit we were able to explore one of the best areas in the city to see the growing collection of Detroit street art.


Detroit Street Art In Eastern Market

Detroit’s Eastern Market has been around since 1891 and is considered one of the countries oldest and largest year-round markets. On Saturdays, rain or shine and all year long, over 225 vendors sell all kinds of unique food and products. Everything from flowers to homemade salsa!


Detroit Eastern Market mural

Detroit Eastern Market mural



We had heard from a local that visiting the Eastern Market on a Saturday morning was one of the top things to experience in Detroit. We were already curious and ready to check it out, but when she said that it was also the best place to see street art in Detroit, that sealed the deal for us.


Murals in the Market

We did some research and found out that for the last two years there has been a festival at the Eastern Market called Murals in the Market. During the event, over 50 local and international muralists painted live throughout the area and over the course of ten days. There was also music, children’s workshops, exhibits, and other cultural activities. It was basically a huge block party and looked like a lot of fun.


So after two festivals, there are now plenty of murals around Eastern Market for visitors to see. If you’re planning on taking a stroll to admire the pieces, we recommend taking a look at this map created by Murals in the Market. It shows the mural locations and the artists that painted them.


We probably spent a couple of hours walking around and taking photos, in between glancing at the products being sold at the market. Below are a few of our favorites…

Detroit street art in eastern market by House of Meggs

Mural by House of Meggs

mural in the market by Clifton Perry

Mural by Clifton Perry

mural in the market by Tylonn Sawyer

Mural by Tylonn Sawyer

mural in the market by Sydney James

Mural by Sydney James

mural in the market native american girl by Jan Nagalski

Mural by Jan Nagalski

mural in the market by Ouizi

Mural by Ouizi

mural in the market by Patch Whisky x Ghostbeard

Mural by Patch Whisky x Ghostbeard

murals in the market by Zak Meers

Mural by Zak Meers

2015 mural by Kashink

Mural by Kashink

2016 mural by Felipe Pantone

Mural by Felipe Pantone

2016 mural by Cey Adams

Mural by Cey Adams

mural in the market by Sheefy

Mural by Sheefy

mural by Fel3000ft

Mural by Fel3000ft

Detroit street art by Hebru Brantley

Mural by Hebru Brantley

Detroit eastern market street art

Detroit Eastern Market street art


The artists that created these murals in Detroit’s Eastern Market are, without of doubt, very talented. We even recognized some of the artists; they’ve also painted murals in an area of Miami called Wynwood.


Wynwood’s street art also came about because of an effort to renew and revitalize an area that many considered destitute. As we walked around and admired the pieces, we couldn’t help but think of home. And in this city that was new to us, we felt a sudden comfort. A connection and familiarity that brought smiles to our faces.


For more on the area, read Things To Do In Detroit


It will be interesting to see what new paintings and murals spring up over the next few years. Because like the city itself, Detroit’s street art scene is only on the rise.


What do you think of the street art in Detroit? Is there a mural you like the most? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂


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Detroit's street art scene is on the rise & one of the best places to view pieces done by local & international muralists is Eastern Market.