Cool things to do on the Sunshine Coast, Australia! These fun Sunshine Coast attractions include hikes, beaches, mountains, and more!

Cool Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast, Australia

Cool things to do on the Sunshine Coast, Australia! These fun Sunshine Coast attractions include hikes, beaches, mountains, and more!

*This article was written by Marie Nieves*

Cool Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast

Australia is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. And how could it not be with such a powerhouse lineup of pristine attractions. Uluru, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach… Really, it’s an embarrassment of riches.

However, this time we won’t talk about any of these popular names. Instead, we will use this opportunity to put a spotlight on one less-known, but not an inch less awesome, destination located Down Under – The Sunshine Coast.

Fasten your seatbelts – we are going to take you for a ride to one of the most scenic places you can find on this incredibly scenic continent.

Hike Around Point Cartwright

If you think about it, Sunshine Coast does awfully sound like a track from the latest Mario Kart game. Incidentally, Point Cartwright looks exactly like one of those cute, cartoony landscapes you can find in that game. Now, you won’t get an opportunity to blast your go-kart across the track that goes all around this stunning headland, but you can take a long pleasant hike with your friends and family. It’s also one of the free things to do on the Sunshine Coast. Sunsets are simply beautiful and you can head out to the rock wall forming the part of the spit and take a good look at all the surrounding beaches. What else could you ask for?

visiting Point Cartwright is one of the cool things to do on the Sunshine Coast Australia
Point Cartwright. Photo by Lochlainn Riordan on Unsplash

Pay A Visit To Noosa National Park

If Australia is famous for one thing, that would be the country’s stunning nature and legendary biodiversity. Well, Noosa National Park represents a perfect encapsulation of all the things we have just described above. Spreading across more than 9,800 acres of shining beaches, rainforests, heartlands, and dunes, this small paradise showcases all Australia has to offer. Also, this is one of the rare places on planet Earth where you can, at the same time, see bandicoots, koalas, possums, and migrating humpback whales. It’s truly one of the best Sunshine Coast attractions.

Noosa National Park
Noosa National Park. Photo by Lukas Spirig on Unsplash

Take A Yacht Ride Along The Sunshine Coast

Sometimes, the best way to grasp the beauty of a place is to step away from it and take a different perspective. Like, for instance, if you rent a luxury yacht charter and enjoy the Sunshine Coast from the open sea. Of course, raising the sails has a lot of benefits on its own. You get to enjoy the beautiful sea air and the wind in your hair, you always have an option to hit the pause button and enjoy a couple of rounds of snorkeling, or you can simply explore the nearby islands. High seas always called people to explore them. Now, it’s your turn.

Australia's Sunshine Coast
Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Photo by Nick Sarvari on Unsplash

Get The Taste Of Local Culture In Scenic Mountain Towns

Getting the full enjoyment of a country often means experiencing local customs and meeting the local folk. Well, take a short and very pleasant ride across the Blackall Range and you will get an opportunity to do exactly that. We are primarily talking about the quaint sister towns of Maleny and Montville. They are stacked with pleasant restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, cafes, galleries, and some beautiful European-inspired architecture. It’s a perfect way to bask in the Sunshine Coast in a fresh and inventive manner.

Maleny. Photo by Michael on Unsplash

Explore The Sunshine Coast Sea Life At Mooloolaba Beach

Sunshine Coast, as you can imagine, is covered in beautiful beaches. Mooloolaba Beach is one of the best and a match made in heaven for all people who enjoy swimming, surfing, shopping, fishing, and beachfront promenades. Also, not far from it, you can find Underwater Sea Life, one of the most popular family attractions in Australia and home to 133 species of sharks and rays as well as 1,500 fish. And if that is not enough, more energetic visitors can take a 40-minute hike to Mooloolaba split, where you can dive to one of Australia’s most famous wrecks – HMAS Brisbane.

Mooloolaba Beach
Mooloolaba Beach. Photo by Nick Sarvari on Unsplash

Climb Mount Coolum

Actually, you don’t have to actually climb it – there is a perfectly pleasant 20 to 40 minute trail that will get you to the top. But, it is a serious hike, and it will get your t-shirt sweaty and your heart pumping. However, when you finally reach the 208 meter (682 feet) summit, you will know it was worth it. The 360-view is simply gorgeous, and the vicinity of the local airport means you can bring home some very unique photos. Also, it is interesting to note that Mount Coolum is not exactly a mount but rather one massive rock. The second-biggest rock on the planet.

Mount Coolum
Mount Coolum. Photo by BeKonstructive Marketing on Unsplash

Final Thoughts On Cool Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast

We hope you enjoyed this short overview of some of the most well-known Sunshine Coast attractions. Of course, we have barely scratched the surface – this beautiful corner of Australia has so much more to offer. But, we have to leave something for you to discover. Enjoy the vacation!

Pro Tip: Want to spend more time in and around the country? Consider going on the Ultimate Australian Road Trip!

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Cool things to do on the Sunshine Coast, Australia! These fun Sunshine Coast attractions include hikes, beaches, mountains, and more!

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