Learn about the newest and best vineyards in the UK. These award winning wineries rival their European neighbors and offer tours and tastings.

Best Vineyards In The UK

Learn about the newest and best vineyards in the UK. These award winning wineries rival their European neighbors and offer tours and tastings.

Best Vineyards In The UK

Although you might think of France or Italy when it comes to fine wine, Welsh and English wines have earned more international awards than ever before. These critically acclaimed wines are being produced in beautiful vineyards throughout the UK.

In fact, according to a study, large acres of the UK, specifically in the south, are perfect for wine grapes. What’s more, it could become one of the premier wine-growing regions in the world.

From the capital to the countryside, here are the top wineries and vineyards in the UK.

Pro Tip: Consider visiting these vineyards during a day trip from London!

Camel Valley

The awards and recognitions that were given to Camel Valley speak for themselves, producing a few of the best wines in the UK. If Spain takes pride in its Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera Wine, the UK has wines to brag about as well. Take the Pinot Noir Rose Brut 2009 and White Pinot Noir Brut 2008, for example.

These wines are just two of the many excellent wines that have won awards, and you can enjoy them on the Grand Tour and Tasting of the vineyard. Moreover, if you would like to spend more time in Camel Valley, you can spend the night in their holiday cottages. Additionally, the vineyard offers a seasonal salmon fishing license for visitors to use.

grapes on a vine from vineyards in the UK

Langham Wine Estate

This vineyard is nestled in the deepest Hardy country. Langham Wine Estate adopts a low-intervention outlook to grape growing and endeavors to reduce environmental impact. At the same time, they produce cool and fresh quality bubbles.

They are vegan-friendly and the specially picked grapes they use are handled on-site through a combination of new and old methods. Guests can learn all about their procedures on a two-hour long guided tour.

Additionally, guests can enjoy afternoon teas and lunches, served in the 19th-century milking parlor. It is the best place to get something to eat after several hours wandering around the vines.

If you want a more practical experience, never miss the chance to participate in picking the grapes, meeting the team, and loading the press, particularly in the autumn harvest season. This hands-on experience includes a crisp glass of Chateau Margaux wine and lunch, as a thanks for your hard work.


The idea or notion for the Ridgeview’s name is very clear; just look out of the tasting room window. Over the vines extending out throughout the valley, the terrain inclines towards the South Downs’ chalk escarpment.

It is not only a magnificent view; it explains why this area has a thriving wine industry. The mix of chalk and clay in the soil of Ridgeview is best for pinot noir and chardonnay, which are mainly used to make sparkling wines and champagnes.

Also, the mild effect of the English Channel enhances the opportunities for an excellent harvest on the northern fringe. Ridgeview is open for visitors every day between 11 am to 4 am, specifically for complimentary tastings. 

South Downs in the UK

Rathfinny Estate

About an hour from London, you can find a lovely and charming countryside getaway at one of the newest vineyards in the UK. Rathfinny Estate was established in 2010, making the winery somewhat of a newcomer or novice on the English wine scene. It was started by husband and wife team Mark and Sarah Driver.

Located in the South Downs, Rathfinny Estate lies on the same soils that delineate the Champagne region. You can visit the vineyard on your own by trekking along the Rathfinny Trail. Alternatively, you can join a guided tour. The guided tours include a regulated wine tasting and can be excellently complemented for dinner or lunch at the vineyard’s restaurant.

Glyndwr Vineyard

Glyndwr Vineyard is the oldest established winery in Wales. In 1982, Richard and Susan Norris decided to open their own vineyard, located among the National Garden Scheme gardens. Guests can stroll around the apple trees and unwind at the ponds where pheasants, ducks, and chickens roam free.

Glyndwr Vineyard is operated with the environment in mind. In fact, hedges and rows of bushes are left to grow wild to support and advocate wildlife. What’s more, the vines are preserved with organic, natural materials.

The tours here are excellent; they feature home-cooked meals and Welsh cheeses. Make sure you spend time walking the grounds because they will leave you breathless.

pheasant in the UK

Pro Tip: While you’re in the UK, make sure to visit Stonehenge!

Final Thoughts On The Best Vineyards In The UK

Undoubtedly, the quality of wine made by wineries in Wales and England is much better than before. Although English wine is currently a boom and very popular, it’s still underrated. That said, it could be an excellent time to visit some of the vineyards in the UK and be the first to taste the best bottles.

What’s gaining more fame in the UK are sparkling wines. It’s mainly because of the combination of chalk and clay soil, thus, growing excellent grape varieties for sparkling wines. In fact, the best sparkling wines in the UK are comparable to the quality of a few champagnes.

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Learn about the newest and best vineyards in the UK. These award winning wineries rival their European neighbors and offer tours and tastings.

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