Best Pizza Places In Gainesville, Florida

We went on the hunt for the best pizza places in Gainesville, Florida and discovered a few pizzerias with the fresh ingredients and cheesy goodness we were craving.


Best Pizza Places In Gainesville

In case you didn’t know, Gainesville has quite a diverse culinary scene which foodies will really appreciate. With it being a college town, pizza places also abound, which lead us to wonder… which are the best places to eat pizza in Gainesville? During our recent visit, we decided to go and find out.


We got suggestions from locals and found three Gainesville restaurants who’s pizza is considered all the rage. Each pizzeria has a different style of pizza and a different ambiance, so each is perfect in its own way.


Ameraucana Pizzeria

As the new kid on the block, Ameraucana Pizzeria is already making a name for itself. Their pizza is made with wild yeast sourdough and cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving the crust great flavor and leaving it crispy and a bit charred. We enjoyed seeing the pizza being made in front of us and also being able to see it cooking in the oven. The decor at Ameraucana is simple and clean and we quickly settled down at our table so we could order.


We ended up getting two pizzas. The first was The Marge which comes with Bianco Di Napoli crushed tomatoes, Fior Di Latte, basil, olive oil, and sea salt and we also added meatballs. The second pizza was The Spicy Pancetta which has Fior Di Latte, thinly sliced pancetta, basil, crushed red pepper flakes, parmigiano reggiano, and local honey. To finish up our meal, we ordered the Flourless Chocolate Decadence for dessert.


Ameraucana Pizzeria in Gainesville

Inside Ameraucana pizzeria, wood fired stove

The Marge with meatballs

The Spicy Pancetta

Flourless Chocolate Decadence


Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria

Right in the heart of downtown Gainesville is Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria. They’re a great place to stop for lunch, with really good specials. If the weather is nice, definitely sit outside and people watch as everyone walks to and from work. To start, we ordered garlic bread and chicken wings, but of course the main attraction was the pizza.


We ordered a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni. Both slices were huge and lived up to the NY style standard! The slices were thin, but with a thick crust, and the mozzarella cheese was nice and gooey. The pepperoni was on point too!


Big Lou's pizzeria in Gainesville

Big Lou's garlic bread

Big Lou's chicken wings

Big Lou's NY style pizza


Satchel’s Pizza

This quirky establishment is a little further from the center of town, but people gladly make the drive to go to Satchel’s Pizza. It looks small when you first drive up, but then you realize that there’s a lot more to it in the back, including a stage for live music and a playground for the kiddies. They even have an old van that you can eat inside of (yes, it has AC).


While you’re figuring out what to order, you can look around and admire stained glass windows made by Satch himself as well as art made by local residents. Satchel’s makes their own soda (which we ordered a flight of) and offers many vegan options. We chuckled when we heard people go to Satchel’s just for the salad, until we tried it and decided it’s one of the best salads we’ve ever had.


And the pizza… we ordered one regular slice and one Satch Pan slice. The Satch Pan has a thicker crust which borders, but isn’t quite, a deep dish pizza. The crust of the regular slice had a really nice crunch to it and we loved the fluffiness of the thicker slice, so we liked both styles a lot.


Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville, Florida

Flight of soda at Satchel's Pizza

Satchel's salad

Regular and Satch pan pizza



Additional Things To Know:

  • – Both Ameraucana and Satchel’s are closed on Sunday and Monday, so plan accordingly.
  • – Parking can be a little difficult to find around Big Lou’s, just make sure you look at the signage.
  • – Satchel’s is cash only.


For more on Gainesville’s food scene, check out our guide to the Best Restaurants in Gainesville


Final Thoughts On Best Pizza Places In Gainesville

We really enjoyed our quest to find Gainesville’s best pizza places! We loved that there were different styles for us to try and that even though we went for the pizza, there were other yummy items on their menus as well.


We hope that you’re able to visit Gainesville soon so that you can try these pizzerias for yourselves! 😉


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Looking for the best pizza places in Gainesville, Florida? We've narrowed down the pizzerias that all the locals crave!

**A big thank you to Visit Gainesville for indulging our love of pizza. Although they covered the cost of our meals, as always, all opinions are our own.**


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  1. Yum! Now I want pizza! That pizza from Ameraucana looks so good! But so does the thick crust pizza from Satchels. I’ll take both!

    1. Hi Alicia! It’s definitely hard to pick a favorite from this bunch!

  2. All the food looks amazing, you are starting to make me hungry. It’s good that these places came highly recommended to you and did not disappoint

  3. I don’t eat much pizza these days, but I still like it, and it’s always good to know where to get a good za. I’m always up for a good salad! That one looks super good, and I’d love to try their housemade soda!

    1. The soda was pretty cool, I’d never had any that had been homemade before!

  4. This is awesome! Your food photos are fantastic, I always struggle with mine. This is making me want to head out the door now & go around the corner for some NY pizza!

  5. I loved, loved, loved Satchels! The pizza was good (I’m not a big pizza fan) but the salad was incredible!! I would order that every time. Didn’t you just love the dessert menu????

  6. Satchel’s Pizza sure was good. Nice to have a slice there with you and Buddy. I would love to try the others on your list, and heck the others in Hog Town!

  7. Satchels for the win!!! Also, they donate a lot of money back into the community and offer grants regularly. (All related info is on their website.) It’s truly a wonderful restaurant with a big heart! I love love love to support them!

    1. Oh wow, we didn’t know about the grants! Thanks so much for letting us know that Leeda. We think it’s really great that they give back to the community the way they do.

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