If you're looking for the best breakfast restaurants in Denver, we've got the ultimate list for you! Everything from chicken and waffles to bacon fried rice!

Best Breakfast Restaurants In Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for the best breakfast restaurants in Denver, we’ve got the ultimate list for you! Denver is a great destination for foodies and if you love breakfast as much as we do, you’re in for a real treat!

Best Breakfast Restaurants In Denver

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Denver, there are so many great dining options. BTTM team member, Alicia Glassmeyer, gives us a breakdown of her favorite morning meals in the Mile High City. You can follow her on Instagram @breakfastsocks for more breakfast inspiration.

Best Chicken And Waffles In Denver

Ah, the dynamic duo!! Are you wondering where to find the best chicken and waffles in Denver? We’ve found a few flavorful options for you…

Devil’s Food: The Cookery at Myrtle Hill

Our vote for the best chicken in waffles in Denver (and we have tried a lot) goes to Devil’s Food. They top a delicious Belgian waffle with a perfectly seasoned southern fried chicken breast, sausage gravy and maple syrup. If you are a fan of sweet and savory, do yourself a favor and try this. The flavor combination is perfection!

This restaurant is small and popular, so plan ahead and get here early. Don’t worry though, if you have to wait, put your name on the list and visit their sister shop Devil’s Food Bakery a couple doors down for some coffee and pastries while you wait!

best chicken and waffles in Denver
Chicken and waffles from Devil’s Food

Concourse Restaurant Moderne

A recent discovery for us was Concourse Denver who has a completely different take on chicken and waffles but with extremely flavorful results. Here, they top a cornmeal waffle with butter and maple syrup, fried chicken, and pineapple chunks. Your mouth will thank you when you take a bite of the delicious spicy chicken and sweet pineapple.

The only bad thing about this meal, is that it’s only available on their weekend brunch menu. But if you happened to be looking for where to have brunch in Denver, I guess it works out. 😉

Chicken and waffles at Concourse Restaurant Moderne
Chicken and waffles at Concourse Restaurant Moderne

Bacon Social House

Since we just can’t get enough chicken and waffles, we are giving you a third option for it. Lucky for us, Bacon Social House offers a daily brunch menu, full bar, and bacon flights! The chicken and waffles here is a Belgian waffle topped with a crispy fried chicken breast, sausage gravy, chipotle honey, and (of course) a side of bacon.

The sweetness of the waffle pairs well with the spice of the chipotle honey and savory sausage gravy. Enjoy this meal just about any time of day since the brunch menu is offered until 4pm daily!

Chicken and waffles at Bacon Social House
Chicken and waffles at Bacon Social House

Best Biscuits In Denver

Ask anyone where the best biscuits in Denver are and they will all undoubtedly tell you one place…

Denver Biscuit Company

If biscuits are your thing, you will be in heaven at Denver Biscuit Co. Here, biscuits are the focus and you can get a wide variety of dishes from sweet to savory in sandwich form or plated meals. It’s extremely difficult to choose one favorite meal here, because they are all so tasty! Denver Biscuit Company is definitely one of the best breakfast restaurants in Denver!

If you are in the mood for a sandwich, The Franklin is a fantastic option with buttermilk fried chicken, cheddar cheese, and sausage gravy. If your sweet tooth needs fed, try the biscuit French toast, you can try it plain or add a fruit compote (we recommend the apples). The biscuits and gravy are always a solid choice and if you are really looking for a hearty meal, try the biscuit pot pie.

Vegetarians can rest easy here knowing there is the option of a mushroom gravy instead of sausage gravy. There are multiple locations in Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs, so find one near you and get your biscuit fix!

Best biscuits in Denver are at Denver Biscuit Company
Biscuits from Denver Biscuit Company

Best French Toast In Denver

Get ready to lick your plate clean! We’ve found a couple of sweet contenders for the best French Toast in Denver…

Punch Bowl Social

While Punch Bowl Social is not specific to Denver, the Monkey Bread French toast here is undeniably delicious, so it earns it’s spot in the Denver breakfast scene. Imagine bread pudding topped with salted caramel and candied walnuts and that’s what you get along with a side of bacon and cooked to order eggs.

This meal is on the daily breakfast menu and the weekend brunch menu, so go whenever you get the craving! Warning, the portion size is big and you might not be able to finish it, but you will certainly enjoy trying!

French Toast from Punch Bowl Social
French Toast from Punch Bowl Social

Moonlight Diner

Four words: Banana Bread French Toast. According to the menu, this French toast has won awards, and we certainly believe it. We were so excited to try this that we forgot to take a photo (oops).

This French toast, made from thick slices of sweet, delicious, banana bread will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. Moonlight Diner is located near the airport and is open early morning until late night, so you can welcome yourself to Denver with a delicious award winning meal!

Best Pancakes And Waffles In Denver

If you’re looking for a fresh new twist on traditional breakfast staples, these two Denver restaurants are bound to excite your taste buds…

Urban Egg Eatery

If pancakes are your breakfast go-to, you must try the pancake flight at Urban Egg Eatery! You can choose from five different pancake flavors and you will not be disappointed. With the pancake flight, you get three large pancakes. We chose Colorado blueberry streusel, cinnamon swirl, and carmelized bacon.

You really cannot go wrong with any of the flavors, but if you only want one pancake, we recommend the Colorado blueberry streusel. The combination of the blueberry syrup with the lemon honey butter is amazing! There are locations in Belleview Station, Highlands Ranch, and Fort Collins, so get to the nearest one for some pancake bliss today!

Pancakes at Urban Egg Eatery are the best pancakes in Denver
Pancakes at Urban Egg Eatery


This quaint from-scratch kitchen in Sunnyside has multiple delicious pancake and waffle options. Seriously, where else can you get cookie dough or peanut butter cups cooked into a pancake? As an added bonus they follow sustainable practices by recycling and composting and using local ingredients when possible.

If it’s waffles you are looking for, you can get them topped with Nutella, strawberries, and even cannoli filling. We chose the Jaswells waffle which is topped with spiced apples, salted caramel, bacon streusel, and whipped cream. The apples were spiced perfectly and went so well with the crunch of the streusel. Sunny’s is small and can fill up quickly, but it’s worth the wait!

Waffles from Sunny’s are the best waffles in Denver
Waffles from Sunny’s

Unique Eats In Denver

There are some pretty unique restaurants in Denver. The following breakfast places in Denver offer a variety of fun and distinct dishes…


For a small breakfast and coffee joint, this place packs a lot of flavor. At Onefold you will find a small breakfast menu with truly unique and tasty options. We tried the bacon fried rice and can only describe it as life changing. Rice fried with bacon, garlic, green onions, and tamari soy sauce, drizzled with chili oil and topped with two duck fat fried eggs.

This is not your standard breakfast, but it will be your new favorite breakfast! Try a Vietnamese iced coffee while you’re here, it’s sweet and refreshing.

unique restaurants in Denver
Bacon Fried Rice at Onefold

Sassafrass American Eatery

Who says you can’t have mac and cheese for breakfast? Not Sassafras. The Breakfast Mac is a must try. It is a unique combination of creamy mac and cheese, diced bacon, and grit croutons topped with an over easy egg. Open 7 days a week with two locations in Denver and one in Golden, so pick the one closest to you and enjoy!

fun places to eat in Denver
Breakfast Mac at Sassafrass American Eatery

Four Friends Kitchen

Four Friends Kitchen is a locally owned, southern inspired restaurant that will definitely satisfy your craving for grits. While they have many delicious options on the menu (including beignets) it’s the Four Friends Grits that keeps us coming back; creamy four cheese grits topped with buttermilk battered southern fried chicken, collard greens, red chili sauce, and poached eggs.

The spiciness of the chicken and the chili sauce pairs so perfectly with the cheesy, creamy grits. This dish will certainly make you do the happy food dance. There are now two locations in Denver at Stapleton and DU, so get out there and get some grits!

Grits from Four Friends Kitchen
Grits from Four Friends Kitchen

Fun Fact: Did you know Denver is the Christmas Capitol of the World?

Final Thoughts On The Best Breakfast Restaurants In Denver

No matter what you’re craving, we hope we’ve helped you to find the best breakfast in Denver. Of course, no list is absolute, so if you think we’ve left out a great breakfast option please feel free to leave it in the comments below. 🙂

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If you're looking for the best breakfast restaurants in Denver, we've got the ultimate list for you! Everything from chicken and waffles to bacon fried rice!

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  1. I frickin’ LOVE breakfast and can’t think of a better post on any city! Great job and now I want some pancakes!

  2. Punch Bowl Social looks like my kind of place! I’m heading to a Colorado Tourism event next week and hope to eventually visit. I’ve only seen the airport!!

    1. Oh no! I hope you’re able to explore more this time around. 🙂

    2. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      There’s so much more to see in Denver than the airport, I hope you get to see the city this time!

  3. Hahaha! As much as I consider the food in America inferior to what’s available in Europe (as an American citizen), this really made my mouth water and made me miss some “good ol’ meals.” If I had to choose one item on the list, I’d probably have to go with the Jaswells waffle. Those spiced apples sound like the perfect topping.

    1. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      The Jaswells waffle is a great choice, I loved the apples! And the bacon streusel certainly didn’t hurt!!

  4. OMG,I love breakfast and I would definitely do all of these – my favs include chicken & waffles (the fruit toping is a nice extra) and the fried rice with eggs over easy…Can I also order a side of those pancakes too please?

  5. Carol Colborn says:

    This is a treasure trove! We are in Denver a lot because Bill’s daughter lives there and he loves great breakfast, all day. Those chicken and waffles at Devil’s Food look delish. That bacon fried rice would be great to try. But I would definitely go for the Grits from Four Friends Kitchen would probably end up my favorite because grits is my favorite breakfast!

    1. Oh yay! Definitely check them out next time you’re in town! 🙂

    2. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      You really should give the grits a try. Every time I go, I want to try something new, but I just keep going back to those grits instead! Added bonus, they have beignets too!

  6. I wish I had read about this when I was in Denver and eating butter and toast. Waffles is something I like in the western hemisphere.

  7. We love having American breakfasts when we visit the USA (apart from French Toast). These pictures of all that food are making us quite hungry. We’ve done quite a few states and cities, Denver Colorado is on our ‘to visit’ list.

  8. Chicken and waffles is one dish? That’s strange – I have never tried or even heard of it and I am trying to imagining how the two things would taste together. It does look pretty awesome, especially at the place called Devil’s Food.I also love the Breakfast Mac at Sassafrass American Eatery, yummy! Oh my, these food posts give me a serious case of gluttony!

    1. It’s definitely an interesting combination! lol But a yummy one! 😉

    2. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      Chicken and waffles is a fantastic combo! I certainly hope you get to try it sometime and Devil’s Food is a great place to start!

  9. A good and hearty breakfast elevates your mood and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Denver seems to lay it out for you in style. The choices are indeed mind-boggling. Waffles are our favourite and we would love to have some french toast too.

    1. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      I agree completely about breakfast and Denver has so many great places to choose from.

  10. It is breakfast time for me now and seeing your photos, I have worked up a big appetite 🙂 🙂 I am also glad to see some vegetarian options, which is surprising. If I ever hit Denver any time , I know where to eat 🙂 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      There are actually a lot of vegetarian and vegan options in the Denver area! Hopefully you will get to visit soon!

  11. I have been there in Denver just a few months before, but due to work i missed to visit Four Friends Kitchen restaurant but after watching your mouth watering post ill definitely, visit this restaurant for lip-smacking chicken food. Thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Megan Jerrard says:

    I LOVE eating out for breakfast, usually more so than dinner or lunch. Can’t say I’ve thought about chicken and waffles together as a breakfast dish but looks tasty!! I’m thinking I would definitely hit up the biscuit company, as well as punch bowl social, because that Monkey Bread French toast just looks out of this world divine!

    1. Alicia Glassmeyer says:

      Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out also! I love to try the new things restaurants are coming up with for breakfast and we’re lucky to have lots of exciting options in Denver. You should definitely try both of those places next time you’re in town!

  13. Devil’s food has some of the best chicken and waffles in town – but I must say some of the food trucks in the area are stepping their game up! Awesome photos by the way – and the article rocks!

    1. I’ve heard that the food truck scene is getting bigger in Denver, so we’ll definitely check them out during our next visit!

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