Planning an extended trip to paradise as a digital nomad? We've got a few tips for you as well as suggestions on where to go!

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Planning an Extended Trip to Paradise

Planning an extended trip to paradise as a digital nomad? We’ve got a few tips for you as well as suggestions on where to go!

One of the most prolific lifestyle and job trends today is that of the digital nomad. These individuals are completely mobile and fulfill their job requirements and other essentials while on the move, relying on technology to execute their needs.

This type of living requires a few essentials to ensure your security and efficiency. Like anything, there are pros and cons to living as a digital nomad. Therefore, when you travel abroad, ensure you stay in areas where you can have all of your needs met. That said, it’s totally doable to visit areas considered paradise and live the digital nomad life.

Planning An Extended Trip – This Is What You’ll Need

One of the most important things you’ll need while traveling to paradise is reliable electronics. Get high-quality laptops, tablets, and other equipment you can rely on while on the go. You’ll also need to ensure you have the proper protection for your gear while traveling. Keep in mind you have to present your electronics to the TSA when traveling through airports, and your equipment might get jostled around during inspection and then again in an overhead compartment.

Once you get to your destination, you need reliable internet. Whether it’s available where you’re staying or you must travel to a hotspot location, it will be your connection to work and other essentials.

When planning your extended trip, there are also other things to consider. For example, paying for storage or your primary home, insurance, and recurring payments. Ensure you have funds available for auto-pay, so you don’t have to worry about on-time payment of your obligations.

You should also learn how to expand your business reach in foreign markets depending on the line of work you’re in. If you’re a freelancer, this is especially important. Have the right resources on hand before traveling to make expanding your reach easier.

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Consider Your Destination

Living the life of a digital nomad requires you to think about ideal places to travel that accommodate your needs. Although there are famous “paradise” destinations all over the world, some of these are in rural areas and underdeveloped countries that don’t have the resources, like high-speed internet access, to provide for your needs.

Places to Consider For Your Extended Trip

Although each person’s idea of paradise may vary, there are a few top choices popular with digital nomads looking for convenience, access to necessities, and lush scenery. The following three destinations are perfect for the digital nomad life.


Curacao is a Dutch colony in the Caribbean known for its lush tropical vegetation, wildlife, and deep blue ocean waters. It’s an island most would consider a paradise; however, it also has all the amenities you need to conduct business as a digital nomad.

If you choose this location, you’ll have access to resorts that are all-inclusive in Curacao. Start discovering your options by searching for a vacation package in Curacao, and a list of options will appear. The resorts in Curacao are spectacular and known worldwide for their luxurious amenities, activities, and accommodations.


One of the most exciting and convenient places to visit for an extended trip as a digital nomad is Bangkok, Thailand. There’s so much to do and see in this city. It also has some of the world’s most interesting cultures and cuisine. We are now addicted to Pad Thai!

Perhaps one of the most attractive features to consider is the cost of staying here. On average, it only takes approximately $1,353 monthly to live comfortably with all the features you need, such as reliable internet. Surprisingly, this city is well-known for excellent internet services and has a high quality-of-life score. Additionally, the air quality is superb, and there’s never a lack of entertainment.

planning an extended trip to Bangkok
Bangkok is a fun city!


Many digital nomads consider this Balinese city a top paradise destination for extended stays. If you’re looking for friendly people, exquisite natural scenery, blue waters, and exquisite cuisine, this is the place to chase the digital nomad lifestyle, with access to reliable, high-speed internet, fantastic air quality, and a small population.

It only costs just a little more than $1,200 per month to live in this city, while still having access to all the amenities you need. Daytime activities abound, and the nightlife is pretty great, too. This is a city that’s friendly to travelers – sip on a latte in a local shop and chat with the locals to learn about their culture. Canggu has everything you want, and you won’t feel cramped by hordes of tourists like you would in some other larger cities across the globe.

Pro Tip: To save money on accommodation while you travel, you could also start house sitting around the world!

Final Thoughts On Planning An Extended Trip As A Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad is very doable in today’s times. If you’ve always wanted the freedom to travel while still earning a good income and having all the amenities, you can do it if you work in a niche that allows for remote work. Some common careers include consulting, writing, website building, and more.

Before heading to your next destination, consider one of these locations to make the most of your time and still enjoy the features that make a destination truly paradise.


Planning an extended trip to paradise as a digital nomad? We've got a few tips for you as well as suggestions on where to go!

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One Comment

  1. It’s amazing where in the world we can live in.

    My biggest question is how to plan for visas and such in paradise where there are restrictions on how long to stay without a visa? How can we plan for a visa if we decide the extended trip should turn into a few years?

    I would also suggest planning a budget, especially in your primary currency so you can easily figure out how much to spend here and there. Granted, the budget will change from country to country. However, it seems that being able to budget for regular monthly expenses (wireless data plans, annual subscription fees, etc…) while keeping other expenses (such as food and lodging) makes things a lot easier to adapt on a mental basis once you know what you have to do to stay in paradise forever.

    In my case, I also have to plan for extra hearing aid batteries because they are not always available wherever I go.

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