The newest Kerala Tourism campaign #humanbynature has us itching to visit Kerala, India because Kerala's way of life is unlike anything else.

Human By Nature: Why We Want To Visit Kerala, India

The newest Kerala Tourism campaign #humanbynature has us itching to visit Kerala, India because Kerala’s way of life is unlike anything else.

Why We Want To Visit Kerala

We’ve always wanted to visit India. We grew up seeing pictures of the Taj Majal. In the last few years, thanks to fellow bloggers, we’ve heard Goa is a fun place to visit. Most recently, thanks to Kerala Tourism’s latest global campaign, we’ve also learned about Kerala.

Kerala is a state in the southwest area of India. It has nearly 600 km of palm tree-lined shoreline as well as beautiful mountains further inland. But although it sounds picturesque, what intrigues us most are the people of Kerala.

Kerala, which is popularly known as God’s Own Country, has evolved a way of life that is very distinct from the rest of the country. In Kerala’s diverse terrain, humans and nature are intertwined. In Kerala, everything humans do is a way of connecting to nature.

Below is a short film created by Kerala Tourism that portrays the connection between the area’s people and the land around them…

YouTube video

Kerala Moves At A Slower Pace

It seems that in Kerala, life moves at a slower pace. Much like their many canals, the people of Kerala take their time and because of this are able to really appreciate the nature that surrounds them.

Nowadays, we rush rush rush from one place to another. We think it’d be nice to visit Kerala and learn from its people to take a deep breath and slow down.

Can you imagine sitting in a small house boat, eating a meal of freshly caught fish, and slowly drifting down a canal while people on shore look up smiling and waving? I mean, if that doesn’t sound like the perfect tranquil afternoon I don’t know what does.

kerala tourism human by nature poster

Kerala Is A Melting Pot

Something else we’ve learned is that Kerala is also a melting pot. As someone who grew up in South Florida, which is also considered a melting pot, I really appreciate when a place’s people have diverse backgrounds.

In Kerala you’ll find fisherman, artisans, farmers, and even athletes of the local martial art Kalaripayattu. They all live their lives and work together in harmony, a lot like the varied terrain of the state.

The people of Kerala also have diverse ideologies, faiths and cultures. This inclusiveness is one of the main reasons we want to visit Kerala. We love traveling to places where people can be themselves openly and without fear of judgement.

Kerala human by nature poster

Kerala’s People Are Kind And Welcoming

Every blog post we’ve read about Kerala mentions how kind and welcoming the people are. Unlike other places where locals are unkind or put on a fake smile just to get you to buy something, in Kerala the people are genuine.

When we visit Kerala, we plan to stay in a homestay so we can truly get to know the locals. It’s the best way to learn about the culture and, from what we’ve seen, the people of Kerala want to teach others about their way of life.

Kerala tourism may be growing, but people’s everyday lives haven’t changed. This means that you can have real experiences with locals that are friendly, gracious, and appreciate your interest.

human by nature poster

Fun Fact: A great time to visit Kerala is during monsoon season!

Final Thoughts On Visiting Kerala

We’re so happy that Kerala Tourism reached out to us and that we’ve now learned more about the area and its people. We hope to visit Kerala soon and experience for ourselves what it is like to be so in tune with nature.

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The newest Kerala Tourism campaign #humanbynature has us itching to visit Kerala, India because Kerala's way of life is unlike anything else.

*This article was sponsored by Kerala Tourism. As always, however, all opinions are our own.*

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