Fuel Your Lust For Travel With Wanderlust Decor

Fuel Your Lust For Travel With Wanderlust Decor

If you love traveling as much as we do, you’ll want to constantly fuel that love. Be inspired by filling your home with wanderlust decor!


Your home is your retreat from the world; a place where you can escape and dream about your next big adventure. When we’re not traveling, we’re thinking about traveling. And we feel that being surrounded by wanderlust decor is the perfect way to inspire future travel (and reminisce about previous trips).


So what exactly is wanderlust?


Wanderlust – A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel


We have such a strong connection with this word and travel itself, that we even got a travel themed tattoo! So it should come as no surprise that we would want to be surrounded by travel inspired decor as well. Below you will find our favorite travel themed home accessories.


Travel Themed Living Room

Your living room is most likely the first place everyone sees when they enter your home. It’s a place for people to gather and socialize. Why not have great wanderlust decor that will start up exciting conversations?



Spin it around and point to see where your next adventure should be. Or simply have it as an accent piece. Your choice!

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Decorative Pillows

These fun pillows will liven up any couch or chair!

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Couch Throws

For those nights when you’re snuggled up on your couch, watching travel themed movies, and imagining you’re there too.

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Scratch Off Travel Tracker Map

Without a doubt, the best conversation starter will be your scratch off map by Landmass Goods. Friends and family will want to know about each place you’ve visited and you’ll exchange ideas on where to travel to next.

framed world travel tracker map


Travel Themed Bedroom

Ah, your sanctuary! The room that you can personalize the most with travel inspired decor and that you can make as unique as you are!


Wall Decals

A creative way to inspire yourself every morning as you’re getting ready to start your day!

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Surround yourself with wanderlust as you literally dream about traveling.

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Always have good lighting as you’re reading guidebooks and planning your next trip on your computer.

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Wall Tapestry

Another fun way to create an accent wall is with a cool wall tapestry.

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Travel Themed Office

Whether you have a corporate office or home office, add some wanderlust decor to help you get through the day. You might not currently be traveling, but you will be soon.



Is it 5 o’clock yet??

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Every sip of coffee or tea will remind you that adventures are right around the corner.

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Buddy The Traveling Monkey Coffee Mug


Mouse Pads

You’ve been on the computer for hours, but at least your mouse pad is cooler than everyone else’s.

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A unique and fun way to stay organized.

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Final Thoughts On Wanderlust Decor

Obviously most of these can go in different rooms; we’ve just suggested where we thought they might fit best. But we love every one of them and think they’d make great additions to your home.


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If you love traveling as much as we do, you'll want to constantly fuel that love. Be inspired by filling your home with wanderlust decor!


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  • What a fun travel themed shopping list. I’m not sure any of them fit my own personal style, but I’ll definitely keep them in mind for my travel-hungry friends

  • We have just moved and are doing a lot of decorating. This post is perfect. We have picked up a nice clock and are really considering a globe. The two themes in our house are natural wood and travel.

  • Katie says:

    I just moved into a larger house and have decided my office is going to be travel themed. You’ve shared so many great pieces, I love the black globe and I have a scratch off map.

  • I always bring back decor items for my home from my travels. Being a bit of a Francophile I just love the Eiffel Tower bookends. They would be a great addition to my study. Nice selection!

  • Sneha says:

    Great, got loads of friends who keep traveling and also have birthdays 😛
    I think I have just solved a great problem of choosing gifts for these travel buffs. The hidden intention is to receive some of the stuff from them as well.
    So will start telling people what I want from here.

    Great stuff!

  • Indrani says:

    Great idea! I have a couple of globes 🙂 The bed spread is a must have now I think.
    Cushions covers too are great. 🙂 What a wonderful post, cheered me up totally!

  • Skye Class says:

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!! I would literally buy every item on this list right now if I had the budget for it, even if that meant having four full sets of bedding. I actually have the scratch-off wall map sitting for me in the US that I need to collect someday. I love the quotes and the mugs…and just everything. I even got tingles just reading the title. Definitely going to have to get some of these soon, especially now that I actually have my own home.

  • Christopher says:

    This is a great post and I do own a travel related cushion for my; home, office, travel blogger/vlogger head quarters. However, for me I prefer not to buy travel related things for my condo but rather buy things from my travels and bring it back. When I look around my condo I see items that immediately bring me back to the sites sounds

  • Paige says:

    These are stunning decorations! I especially love that ‘Adventure Awaits’ wall decal. It’s really beautiful! I also love both of those world map lamps.

  • WoW! I want to buy all of them, they all are really very amazing and awesome items. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  • Thanks for your post, what a great idea to have so many products, and designs with a Travel theme! We also have special designs with a Travel theme on Notebooks that you can take with you on your travels https://www.zazzle.com/edelhertdesigntravel/Travel%20Notebooks

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