Visiting the Hot Springs n Escondido Place, San Miguel De Allende. Everything you need to know to enjoy this hidden gem.

Visiting The Hot Springs In Escondido Place, San Miguel De Allende

Visiting the Hot Springs in Escondido Place, San Miguel De Allende. Everything you need to know to enjoy this hidden gem.

Escondido Place, San Miguel De Allende

We had heard about the hot springs in San Miguel de Allende since our first visit to the city. Thanks to house sitting, we were able to return to this beautiful city and explore more of it the second time around. One place we were very happy we were able to visit was Escondido Place, also known as the Aguas Termales de San Miguel de Allende.

How To Get To Escondido Place

Escondido Place is about 20 minutes northwest of San Miguel’s Centro. If you’re looking at Google Maps, it might also show up as Escondido Hot Springs. When we did our initial research, we found that there is a bus that goes near the hot springs, but we would have still had to walk along a dirt road. The best option is going by car.

Since we didn’t have a car, we got a private taxi service to take us. We agreed on where and when we’d be picked up in the morning and the time we’d be picked up from the hot springs. The price we agreed upon was 400 pesos (about $20) round trip. A regular taxi can get you to Escondido Place, but getting a taxi back to town might be difficult since there isn’t much else around. That’s why setting up a pickup time is essential.

Escondido Place sign
Escondido Place

Hours And Admission

Escondido Place is open every day of the year from 8 AM to 5 PM. Admission is 190 pesos per person (about $9.50). Children over the age of two pay the same admission price as adults. You purchase your tickets at the booth across from the entrance. We paid in cash, which we feel is always a good idea in remote areas like this. We don’t remember if paying with a credit card was an option, but many times card readers don’t work anyway, so we made sure to have the right amount of cash on us just in case.

Inside Escondido Place you'll find peaceful and relaxing landscapes
Inside you’ll find peaceful and relaxing landscapes

Exploring The Hot Springs

When we passed through the entrance, there was a woman who gave us a basic layout of the hot springs. If you don’t speak Spanish, or if you forget what you’re told, there is a map of the grounds just a few feet forward from the entrance. There are also a set of lockers, but we recommend using different ones.

Make your way to the left, and you’ll see a couple of outdoor pools. These aren’t heated, but are filled from underground springs. It was cold the morning that we visited, so they still felt pretty warm to us despite them not being heated. There are lounge chairs and cabanas around the outside of these pools.

Continue on and you’ll find changing rooms, bathrooms, and more lockers. These are the lockers that we recommend. There are three different sizes and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Further down the path you’ll find the indoor hot springs; you’ll see their white domed roofs. These are the main attraction of Escondido Place. Outside of the entrance you’ll find hooks to leave your towels. Once inside, the hot springs form a “T” shape and you pass from one pool to another, each getting warmer as you go. At certain points of the day, water comes down from the ceiling. Going under these mini waterfalls feels like you’re getting a massage!

There are also more outdoor pools to the right of the entrance. We spent time in those as well and then returned to the indoor pools.

Map of Escondido Place
Map of Escondido Place
First outdoor pool on your left
First outdoor pool on your left
Second outdoor pool on your left
Second outdoor pool on your left
Three different sized lockers in Escondido Place
Three different sized lockers
Heading into the first indoor hot spring
Heading into the first indoor hot spring
Inside the indoor hot spring at Escondido Place
Inside the indoor hot spring

Escondido Place Amenities

Besides the hot springs, Escondido Place also has a few amenities. The most popular is their spa, which offers massages, facials, reflexology, and exfoliation. Reservations are recommended, but not required. If you get hungry, there is also a restaurant on site serving Mexican cuisine. There is also a 14-room hotel on the property. Hotel guests have free access to the hot springs.

As you walk around the property, you’ll also see plenty of green spaces to relax, sit down, or have a picnic. There are tables and even grills scattered throughout the grounds. And if you forget anything, there is a small shop with basic everyday items and snacks.

Lots of green space
Lots of green space
There are trails around the various ponds
There are trails around the various ponds
Open space to cook and BBQ
Open space to cook and BBQ

Escondido Place VS La Gruta

Now, there is more than one hot spring in San Miguel de Allende. La Gruta is another popular one and it’s just down the street from Escondido Place. When trying to decide if we wanted to visit Escondido Place or La Gruta, it basically came down to choosing the one that had more of a “local” feel. Most of the people we spoke to, including some of our followers on Instagram, recommended Escondido Place over La Gruta.

Tips For Visiting Escondido Place

Below are some tips to ensure you have the best time at Escondido Place:

  • Get there early – We were there 30 minutes after they opened and there were already a few people there. If you want to avoid the crowds, especially on the weekends, get there early.
  • Waterproof phone case – You’ll probably want to take some pictures, so we recommend having a waterproof phone case. The indoor pools get pretty steamy and there is nowhere to put your phone. So the odds of your phone getting wet are pretty big. But honestly, after taking a few pictures, the best thing is to put your phone in your locker and enjoy the pools.
  • Bring your own snacks – Yes, there is a restaurant, but if you’re on a budget or have certain dietary needs we recommend bringing your own snacks. The park does allow outside food to be brought in, just no alcohol.
  • Bring your own lock – Locks aren’t provided for the lockers so if you don’t want to buy one at the park shop, bring your own. Any standard lock will do fine.
  • Bring your own towels – Again, the park doesn’t provide them so bring your own. We had our Cacala Turkish bath towel, which we love and always have on us. But basically, bring everything you think you might need for the day.
  • Don’t count on the cell service – Because the park is in a remote area, you might not always get a signal. This shouldn’t matter too much since you’re supposed to be enjoying your time there. But, if you need to send a message to whoever is picking your up, it might be a problem. That’s why we recommend setting up a pickup time ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

We had a great time at Escondido Place and would definitely like to go back the next time we visit San Miguel de Allende. We only spent a few hours there because we had plans to visit some San Miguel museums that afternoon, but we could easily have spent a whole day there.

Would you visit these hot springs in San Miguel de Allende? Leave your comments below!

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Visiting the Hot Springs n Escondido Place, San Miguel De Allende. Everything you need to know to enjoy this hidden gem.

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