Looking for fun and unique tourist attractions in Pennsylvania? We list items for the whole family, like scooter tours and ice cream tastings!

Unique Tourist Attractions In Pennsylvania

Looking for fun and unique tourist attractions in Pennsylvania? We list items for the whole family, like scooter tours and ice cream tastings!

*This article was written by Mark Crusemire*

Unique Tourist Attractions In Pennsylvania

When you think of Pennsylvania, you probably think of Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell. You might think of Pittsburgh and its significant manufacturing sector and Penn State Football. However, the Coal State has much more to offer. One of the first colonies in America, Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history. The state and its towns are also diverse in their composition. This offers residents and visitors everything from bustling modern life to the natural wilderness.

Pennsylvania has the oldest highway system on record in the country, so you can move between points easily and seamlessly. However, your visit to this state won’t quite be complete without a stop at one of its many unique tourist attractions.

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Pennsylvania's Unique Tourist Attractions

Exploring the Nature of Pennsylvania

Here’s a quick fact for you: The word “Pennsylvania” actually translates to “Penn’s Woods.” The state got its name as a nod to William Penn, its founder, and its abundance of natural reserves. Pennsylvania is home to some of the top natural reserves in the country, including the following:

Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is a stunning waterfall with fame around the country. Located close to the Pocono Mountains, the waterfall is a beautiful, dazzling edifice that dwarfs pretty much any other in the state. It’s little wonder it has been dubbed the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.”

Bushkill Falls is a unique tourist attraction in Pennsylvania
Bushkill Falls
Photo by Crew Dates on Unsplash

Ricketts Glen State Park

Ricketts Glen is a sprawling natural reserve with pretty much everything you could ever want. It has a lake, several hiking trails, and up to 22 waterfalls. You can come here for pretty much any outdoor activity. It even has a campsite that spreads across over 13,000 acres of delicately-preserved natural land.

waterfall in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania
Ricketts Glen State Park
Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Safari might not exactly be the first thing you think of when you see Pennsylvania, but the state has facilities for it. One of Pennsylvania’s unique tourist attractions is Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Here you can enjoy a full-fledged safari experience that incorporates some of the most exotic animals from across the globe.

Pennsylvania Industry Tours

Since its inception, Pennsylvania has solidified its place as one of the cornerstones of American industry. From mining to manufacturing, the state is a paragon of industrial activity, and it remains such to this day. On the industry tours, you can walk through Pennsylvania’s history in industry and business. Some of these landmark tours include:

Pioneer Tunnel

The Pioneer Tunnel tour takes you through Historic Pennsylvania’s coal region and shows you much of the state’s deepest coal mines. Travel almost two thousand feet into the side of a mountain to see an actual mine. You’ll also learn more about the entire process that goes into extraction and mineral mining.

Harley Davidson Tour

Hardly does any company embody the free-spirited American like Harley Davidson. The company is behind some of the most notable motorcycles globally! Many of these were made at its facility in York County, Pennsylvania. On this tour, motorcycle enthusiasts can step into this facility and learn more about the process that goes into making these beasts.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

Turkey Hill is one of the most famous ice cream brands in America, and it is made right here in Pennsylvania. On this delectable tour, you can learn more about the manufacturing process. You can even taste some samples that are sure to rock your taste buds.

Pro Tip: If you love sweets, we also recommend visiting nearby Hershey’s Chocolate World!

Amish Country Attractions

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, you’ll find one of the largest communities of Amish people in the United States. These people have become a part of our community, and Lancaster itself is a hub for people looking to learn more about the Amish lifestyle. If you’d like to go on an Amish tour, some available options for you include:

The Verdant View Farm

Another unique tourist attractions in Pennsylvania, this tour takes you through a working Amish farm in Lancaster County. Get up close with the animals and enjoy the best of nature.

Some of the many animals you'll see in Pennsylvania
Some of the many animals you’ll see in the area
Photo by Vito Natale on Unsplash

The Ultimate Amish Adventure

You can also go on a tour of the Lancaster County countryside with our Strasburg Scooters guides. It’s one of the top things to do in Lancaster. Located in the heart of Amish Country, let them take you on a scenic trip through historic ridges and get the chance to interact with lovely Amish people. You can learn more about Amish life and cuisines while also enjoying the best that the environment offers on an Ultimate Amish Adventure.

Touring Lancaster County with Strasburg Scooters
Touring Lancaster County with Strasburg Scooters

Final Thoughts On Unique Tourist Attractions In Pennsylvania

Lancaster County is genuinely the ideal palace to begin your tour of Pennsylvania. It is close to several areas, including Baltimore, New York, and Washington DC. You can also find great food, museums, amusement parks, and accommodations here, and the people are warm and welcoming. There’s not much else you or your family could ask for.

About The Author: Mark Crusemire is the owner of Strasburg Scooters, one of Lancaster’s favorite outdoor adventure tour companies. Learn more about what tours they offer on their Facebook page.

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Looking for fun and unique tourist attractions in Pennsylvania? We list items for the whole family, like scooter tours and ice cream tastings!

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