Traveling Or Travelling? Which Is It?

Traveling Or Travelling? Which Is It?

Once again, America chooses to be different. I didn’t realize this until a few months ago when I went to set up my blog, but pretty much everyone else spells it with two L’s.

I remember looking up how to spell “traveling” in Google because I wasn’t sure if it had one L or two. I read an article in Grammarist that explained that American English adopted the one L in the early 20th century. Why? Who the hell knows? And at the time I didn’t think much about it. But as I developed more as a blogger, I realized that basically everyone else on the planet uses two L’s and that fact really does matter.

We use hashtags.

A lot.

For everything.

So in order to engage my audience all over the world (and not just Americans), I have to remember that when it comes to spelling, there are two technically correct ways to write it. Keep that in mind when you’re hashtagging  it up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

So what is the point of this story?

I have traveled and travelled all over the world and all of the traveling and travelling has taught me a lot.

The end.


Did you realize there were different spellings?


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