Top Things To See And Do In Frederick, Maryland

Top Things To See And Do In Frederick, Maryland

Frederick is a fusion of new and old with a plethora of things to see and do; it has everything from historic battlefields to award-winning restaurants.


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We think Frederick is the perfect place to have a weekend getaway because there are so many fun things to do. To help you plan your visit, we’ve put together this list of our top recommendations.


Frederick Visitor Center

151 S East St, Frederick, MD 21701

A visit to Frederick, Maryland should start off at their Visitor Center. Inside you’ll find exhibits, murals, and artifacts that recount the history of Frederick and the surrounding area. There’s also a small theater where you can watch a short film that gives guests a preview of all the fun activities that Frederick offers.

Frederick Visitor Center

Inside the Frederick Visitor Center


Carroll Creek Park

Carroll Creek Linear Park, Frederick, MD 21701

A short walk from the Visitor Center is Carroll Creek Park. This park was created as part of a flood-control project that was started back in the 1980s. It’s a mile long and has a lot of public art, gardens and walkways, and a really cool bridge that was livened up by local artist William Cochran. The park is a great place to take a stroll or to sit and people watch.

Carroll Creek Park Frederick Maryland

Bridge, flowers, ducks in Carroll Creek Park Frederick Maryland


Historic Downtown Frederick

19 E Church St, Frederick, MD 21701

Downtown Frederick’s 50-block historic district has a perfect blend of restaurants, antique shops, specialty stores, and museums. The historic architecture alone will have you in awe! Did you know Frederick is listed as one of the “Prettiest Painted Places” in the country because of its murals and public art? We really recommend taking a self-guided walking tour of Frederick; it’s a great way to really get to know the downtown area. There is a free app you can download called Frederick Walking Tour or you can pick up an official visitor guidebook at the Visitor Center. Inside the guidebook you will find the self-guided tour.



Monocacy National Battlefield

5201 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

Civil War history buffs should stop by this national park that commemorates The Battle That Saved Washington DC. Visitors can take a self-guided auto tour (about six miles round trip) that points out key locations of where the Battle of Monocacy took place. A brochure for the tour can be picked up inside the park’s visitor center. There are also trails and placards that help you to comprehend just how important this battle was. You see, in 1864, Confederate soldiers planned to head north and capture Washington DC. They met resistance at Monocacy, where Federal soldiers (outnumbered three to one) where able to stop them long enough for Union soldiers to arrive in and reinforce Washington DC.

canon at Monocacy National Battlefield Frederick Maryland

tour of Monocacy National Battlefield Frederick Maryland


National Museum of Civil War Medicine

48 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21705

Another really cool stop for Civil War history buffs is the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Inside you’ll find artifacts and manuscripts that tell the medical story of the Civil War and how many important medical advances were developed during this tumultuous time. There are a couple of photos and scenes that may be a little hard for children to see (i.e. amputations) but overall we thought it was a really fascinating museum.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine Frederick Maryland

Inside the National Museum of Civil War Medicine Frederick Maryland

Inside the National Museum of Civil War Medicine Frederick Maryland

Fun Facts: The shortest known soldier was 3’8″, the tallest known soldier was 7’2″, the average soldier was 5’8 1/2″, and I am 5’2″.


Roads and Rails Museum

200 N East St, Frederick, MD 21701

This is another fun thing to see in Frederick! It has one of the largest miniature world model train displays in the country and has everything from moving trains, trolleys, cars, and trucks to a working volcano! There are also all kinds of different scenes, many of which are interactive. Keep on the lookout for buttons that activate more sound and movement. There was also a display made up entirely of Legos (you remember how much we love Legos right?). And to top off our experience, we were given special access to go behind the glass and Buddy got to pretend to be Godzilla lol!

Roads and Rails Museum Frederick Maryland

Inside Roads and Rails Museum Frederick Maryland

Legos inside Roads and Rails Museum Frederick Maryland


Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

1110 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21701

Architecture enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more of Frederick’s German heritage will love visiting Schifferstadt. This home-turned-museum is one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Frederick and one of the best preserved examples of early Colonial German Architecture in the country. We took a tour given by an actual descendant of the family that originally owned the land and built the home, and were captivated by so many features that were still in great condition (including a stove that is probably the oldest in the country still in it’s original location).

The stone house was built in 1758 and stayed within the family until the mid-1800s. After a few more families owned it, it was eventually abandoned. This actually helped to preserve the home, since upgrades and remodels would have damaged the integrity of the house. We especially recommend a visit to Schifferstadt during Oktoberfest! Not only did we tour the house, but we also enjoyed live polka music, beer tents, and other tasty German treats.

Inside Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Frederick Maryland

bed and stairs inside Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Frederick Maryland

Door and stove inside Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Frederick Maryland

Oktoberfest at Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Frederick Maryland


South Mountain Creamery

8305 Bolivar Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

A short drive away from Downtown Frederick is this awesome dairy farm. Here, you can eat some freshly made ice cream and then go feed baby calves! It’s such a cool experience that we wrote a whole post about South Mountain Creamery.

Cows and ice cream at South Mountain Creamery in Maryland



Without a doubt, Frederick is a foodie’s paradise. There are so many places to eat and drink, it’s ridiculous! From sophisticated restaurants to quirky soda shops, Frederick has something for everyone. We were able to stop in to a few places during our visit, so make sure to check out our Frederick food guide for more information.

Wine, soda shop, doner, and tea in Frederick Maryland


There you have it, our recommendations for things to see and do in Frederick. Have we made you want to pack your bags yet? 😉


Click below to see the items we recommend for your visit to Frederick


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**A big thank you to Visit Frederick for providing us with such a fun itinerary! As always, all opinions are our own.**


  • Elena says:

    I lived near Frederic for couple years long time ago. Used to go there on weekends. It looked fairly ordinary to me – just another town (I may not even qualify it as a city) with certain charm of bygone era popping out here and there. Your post brought a sense of nostalgia and regrets of how much I missed. Great photos too.

  • anna says:

    I’ve never been to Maryland but it seems like a very charming quaint town! My nephews would have loved that train museum.

  • Vicki Louise says:

    I’d never heard of Frederick until this post but there looks like a lot of things to do for such a small town. The museums look interesting and with lots of variety to fill a day or two of a visit – great photos too!

  • Lindsay says:

    This looks really really familiar – I wonder if I went there with my family when I was much younger…. Definitely looks like a great place to check out. I’m specifically interested in Downtown Frederick, as I’m really in to street art and local murals – right up my alley! I’ve pinned this for safekeeping – I’m trying to book a trip to MD next year.

  • We haven’t spent much time in Maryland despite having taken a roadtrip through most of the East Coast up to DC – Im so fascinated by civil war history at the moment though, so would love to get back and spend some time in Frederick. Thanks for the post!

    • Buddy says:

      Hi Meg! Frederick would be a great place to visit then because there are a lot of historical places to see to get a better understanding of what happened in the area during the Civil War. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Katja says:

    What a lovely looking town. It has never been on my radar and I can’t think why given that it has so much of what I look for in a destination – food, history, culture and an easy-to-wander-around centre. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine in particular sounds really fascinating.

  • Heather says:

    Frederick wasn’t on my radar before, but it is now! Seems like the perfect getaway for the weekend and has something to offer for everyone. I’d be particularly interested in visiting Schifferstadt during their Oktoberfest celebration. Thanks for the inspiration, will be adding Frederick to my destination wish list.

  • Penny Sadler says:

    I vote for the museum of Civil War medicine. Fascinating. Can you imagine being in the south towards the end of the war and having your supplies cut off? Brutal! Anyway, I digress. Great post about a place I had never even heard of.

  • Rob says:

    We have never been to Maryland, Frederick sounds like a city steeped in history. My son would love the Roads and Rails Museum and Carroll Creek Park looks lovely a great place to eat lunch or take a walk. If we ever get to Maryland we will make sure that we visit Frederick

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