If you’re looking for things to do in Central Florida with kids, there are a few options. We’ve listed our top five favorites, from theme parks to outdoor adventures.


Theme Parks In Orlando

If you’re specifically looking for things to do in Orlando with kids, then one of the obvious choices is taking them to a theme park. There are many options, so you can choose which theme park depending on your child’s interests. Disney World is an obvious favorite, with a variety of attractions including water parks, shopping areas, and amazing award-winning restaurants. At over 43 square miles, there’s something for everyone.


One of our favorite Disney World parks is Animal Kingdom, which we had never been to as a kid. When we went recently, we had such an incredible time! We saw so many animals, enjoyed amazing shows, and rode Expedition Everest which was a pretty thrilling roller coaster!


First time at Animal Kingdom

Our first visit to Animal Kingdom was epic!


Safari Wilderness In Lakeland

Another fun activity for kids in Central Florida is Safari Wilderness in Lakeland. Visitors can go on a safari and see over 400 different species of animals. You have the option of seeing the animals from a pretty cool customized vehicle, or go riding on the back of a camel! Kids can enjoy feeding the animals as well. Who wouldn’t want to feed an adorable ring-tailed lemur!


Ring-tailed lemur

Ring-tailed lemur


Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Central Florida

About half an hour southwest of Orlando is the city of Davenport, home to Orlando Balloon Rides. There’s nothing quite like riding a hot air balloon, and it’s a fun activity the whole family will love. It requires an early start to your day, but the views of Central Florida are worth it.


View over Orlando in hot air balloon ride

The view of Central Florida from a hot air balloon


Kayaking In Central Florida

If you’re looking for outdoor activities in Central Florida, we suggest paying a visit to any of the area’s state parks or wilderness preserves. They’re a perfect place to go camping, hiking, or kayaking. Central Florida has many lakes and rivers with crystal clear water, making them perfect for seeing local wildlife. Don’t be surprised if you spot a manatee while kayaking!


Kayaking in Central Florida

Kayaking in Central Florida


Exploration Tower In Cape Canaveral

This impressive building is full of fun exhibits and activities. The Canaveral Port Authority opened Exploration Tower in November 2013 and it has 7 floors dedicated to preserving the history of the port and it’s surrounding area. We really enjoyed the sixth floor which is dedicated to space exploration. There are photos, memorabilia, and videos about the many launches that have taken place in nearby Kennedy Space Center. The views from the seventh floor are pretty impressive too!


Exploration Tower

Exploration Tower


Final Thoughts

So as you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Central Florida with kids. We like the variety of both indoor and outdoor activities as well as the fact that there are off the beaten path options. Trust us, your kids will be talking about their time in Central Florida for years to come!


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If you're looking for things to do in Central Florida with kids, there are a few options. We've listed our top five favorites, from theme parks to outdoor adventures.