Product Review: Squeeze Pod

Product Review: Squeeze Pod

Have you ever found a new product and thought “Why didn’t I think of that??”


While I was in Boston attending the Women in Travel Summit, I learned about a new product that is absolutely perfect for travelers. There were many tables outside of the conference rooms, each advertising different travel themed products, but the one that peaked my interest the most was Squeeze Pod. First of all, there was Kevin, the “Pod Father”, who was probably one of the most energetic people out of the whole conference. Then there was the magnificent aroma that whirled through the air as you passed the table. Let me tell you, it all smells delicious!


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod


I also spoke with Ann (Squeeze Pod’s Administrative and Customer Service Manager) for a bit and she told me a little more about these ingenious little pods:

  • – The pods are TSA-compliant (whoop whoop!)
  • – All products are made with premium natural ingredients
  • – They are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA
  • – They’re proudly made in the USA
  • – They’re easy to open, lightweight, convenient, and leak-proof


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod

Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod


I tried a couple of the pods that same weekend; the moisturizing lotion while I was there at the Squeeze Pod table and I tried the body wash the next morning. I liked both products immediately. They worked well and smelled really great.


Since my weekend in Boston, I’ve tried some more of the pods, including the hair gel and toilet odor eliminator. I don’t usually use hair gel (I prefer mousse) but I figured I should try it. It held back my hair pretty well considering the humidity in Miami has increased dramatically. I will say, however, that it did get flaky (usually why I stay clear of gel anyways). But it did the job, which was the most important thing.


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod

Got my hair did!


And I had a friend try out the toilet odor eliminator. All he had to do was squeeze the liquid into the toilet bowl before use. And… awesomeness. It made a difference! So this particular pod I think can be really useful for travelers staying in hostels with shared bathrooms. Or even your average Joe who works in a small office with only one bathroom. It will save you some embarrassment!


So would we recommend Squeeze Pod to a friend? The answer is yes! They’re so incredibly convenient and easy to pack. You don’t have to worry about travel sized shampoos and wondering if you will have enough. Just pack one pod per day; guesswork is done! Plus, have I mentioned they all smell REALLY good? It’s a shame you can’t smell these through your computer/phone.


Would you like to have your very own FREE sample of Squeeze Pods? This pack contains samples of their current products plus their newest products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and facial cleanser) that will be available on their website by late May/early June, so you get a special preview! And it comes in a clear TSA-compliant travel bag! 😉


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod

Lotion, Facial Cleanser, Hand Purifier, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Toilet Odor Eliminator, Hair Gel, Shave Cream


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Sqeeze Pod

Clear Travel Bag


There are 5 ways to enter and we will pick a winner at the end of the day on May 8th. Sorry, only open to US residents. Good luck!




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Congratulations to Jenny-May for winning our Squeeze Pod giveaway!!


**A big thank you to Squeeze Pod for providing the sample pack! As always, all opinions are our own.**



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