These are the prettiest towns in Germany! See what makes them so charming; you'll soon be planning a trip to these fairy tale destinations!

Prettiest Towns In Germany

These are the prettiest towns in Germany! See what makes them so charming; you’ll soon be planning a trip to these fairy tale destinations!

Prettiest Towns In Germany

Some of you might not know this, but we lived in Germany for three years while Vicky was in the Army. We visited many of the major German cities like Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. We also traveled around the rest of Western Europe as much as we could; any long weekend we had, we took off to a new country.

This was great, and we have a lot of wonderful memories, but we also wish we’d spent more time visiting some of Germany’s lesser known small towns. This got us wondering where we should visit whenever we make our way back to Deutschland.

So, we’ve asked our fellow bloggers for their opinions on which towns they thought were the prettiest towns in Germany. Below are their responses in alphabetical order…

Map Of Prettiest Towns In Germany

We’ve included a clickable map for your reference:

Bad Wimpfen

Clemens of Travellers Archive

Bad Wimpfen is one of the prettiest towns in southern Germany. The small town is located on the left bank of the Neckar, about 10 km north-northwest of Heilbronn. The exciting history of Bad Wimpfen goes back to Celts, Romans, and Staufers. Numerous monuments have been preserved in Bad Wimpfen.

The architectural monument, which still defines the cityscape, is from the Staufer dynasty: the largest royal palace north of the Alps with its striking towers, the stone house, the Hohenstaufentor and the Palatinate chapel as well as the arcades of the palace.

The landmark “Blue Tower” and numerous unique and absolutely pretty half-timbered houses are also striking for the cityscape. The former Benedictine monastery and the knight’s church in “Bad Wimpfen im Tal” also offer insights into Gothic architecture. This town is the perfect stop for everyone on a road trip through Germany.

Bad Wimpfen is one of the prettiest towns in Germany
Bad Wimpfen


Toccara of Forget Someday

Those who have actually heard of Berchtesgaden, Germany are generally familiar with its most notorious claim to fame – Eagle’s Nest or (Hitler’s summer residence). Kehlsteinhaus, as it is known in German, is now a tourist attraction offering a glimpse into local Nazi/WWII history, along with some of the most outstanding views over the Bavarian Alps.

For even more stunning views, visit Berchtesgaden National Park, located just 10 minutes from the downtown area. Within the park, explore its 81 square miles (210 sq km) via alpine hiking, cable car rides, and guided boat trips. And don’t miss a visit to the Old Town, complete with buildings adorned with the oldest non-religious murals in the Bavarian Alps. You will feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale village.

Complete with history, gorgeous nature, and a charming old town centre, you’ll definitely want to put Berchtesgaden on your list of places to visit in Germany! For more info, check out Forget Someday’s write-up on Things to do in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

Berchtesgaden, Germany


James of Travel Collecting

Boppard is my top pick for prettiest town in Germany. The tiny town sits on a bend of the Rhine River in the stunning Upper Rhine Valley. It can be visited by car or on a cruise through the Rhine Valley.

If you are taking the cruise, be sure to get off at Boppard and take a later boat to continue on, so that you have to explore Boppard. The town has dozens of adorable half-timbered buildings that create a quintessential charming Germany village.

Top picks for somewhere to eat are Cafe Baldeau a gorgeous half-timbered building that is perfect for coffee and cake, and Severus Stube – another cute half-timbered restaurant one block over from the Rhine serving great German food. Also not to be missed is the 13th Century St Severus Church with its twin wooden towers. Be sure to spend allow time to wander up and down the promenade along the Rhine to enjoy the views of the river as well.

Boppard, Germany


Paulina of Paulina on the Road

One of the lesser-known towns to visit in Germany is Cochem. The best part of Cochem is its scenic location along the Moselle river, the countless wineries serving the best Riesling produce of the region, and of course its majestic castle.

The castle we see today towering above the scenic town of Cochem on the Moselle River is not the castle that originally stood there in the 12th century. It’s absolutely worth climbing up and enjoy the truly royal view over the Moselle river.

A guided tour of the castle will take about 40 minutes, presenting tapestries, fine wood paneling, Baroque paintings, stained glass windows, and armors. There’s also a small restaurant in the castle, thus it’s perfect to have an afternoon snack.

After your visit to the castle, you shouldn’t miss the picturesque old-town of Cochem. There are plenty of gabled, half-timbered houses that are several stories high and topped with Moselle slate tiles! The entire ensemble is quaint and the best place to marvel at them is at the Markplatz, the Market Square.

In all, Cochem may not be one of the larger cities in Germany but it’s definitely a must when looking for things to do in the Mosel Valley.

Cochem, Germany


Ryan of The Nutty Trekkers

With the Austrian Alps as the backdrop, and magical Neuschwanstein Castle glowing off in the distance, Füssen is a truly beautiful village. Located a 2-hour train-ride south of Munich, on Germany’s famed Romantic Road, the cobblestone streets and Bavarian-style architecture transport you back 700 years.

Füssen Alstadt (Old Town) is the place to wander, with it’s brightly colored medieval townhouses sitting opposite to impressive baroque churches. But what really made it one of the prettiest towns in Germany when we visited was the staring up the main street, with the church tower in the backdrop and vibrant flower arrangements adorning the lampposts and apartment windows. And behind it all was a towering forested hill, adding depth and natural beauty to the whole experience. Literally took our breath away.

Füssen is one of the prettiest towns in Germany


Stephanie of History Fangirl

Saxony is a beautiful corner of Germany, but even within this gorgeous region, Görlitz stands out! The frosting-colored buildings in the town center aren’t just everyday pretty. They’re Hollywood pretty!

The town has been used as a filming location for multiple movies, including The Book Thief and Inglorious Bastards. But it’s Wes Anderson’s choice to use the town as the setting for his Grand Budapest Hotel that gives the town it’s seal of approval as one of the most ascetically pleasing points in the country, or even on the continent.

Most travelers come here as a day trip from Berlin or Dresden. But if you want to truly soak up the town’s beauty, try to stay for a night or two!

Görlitz, Germany


Roshni of The Wanderlust Within

The old town of Goslar is a historic UNESCO World Heritage site in Lower Saxony. Located on the northwestern slopes of the Harz mountain range, the thousand year old town of Goslar is perfect for a colorful city break in Germany.

The beautiful town is characterized by medieval cobblestone alleyways and crooked half timbered houses, coupled with colorful gardens throughout the area. Goslar was once known as the “Rome of the North” and is now full of contrasts from an abandoned UNESCO mine to an 11th century palace. There is plenty to see an do in this pretty German town.

Goslar is one of the prettiest towns in Germany


Kami of My Wanderlust

Meissen is best known for its world-famous porcelain but there are more reasons to visit this picture-perfect town located only 25 km away from Dresden. The city was founded in the 10th century and shortly after, the Albrechtsburg castle was built on the steep rock above the Elbe river.

Today this is one of the highlights of Meissen that you can’t miss – the interiors of the castle are just stunning! The old town is a maze of narrow lanes filled with colorful houses and charming corners and wandering around is a pure pleasure.

When you get hungry be sure to stop in one of the restaurants in the upper parts of the town from where you can admire the beautiful view of Meissen. This is really one of the most beautiful towns in Germany!

Meissen, Germany


Darek of Darek and Gosia

If you are looking for the prettiest towns in Germany, then you have to visit Mittenwald in Bavaria. It was once called by Goethe a living picture book due to wall paintings on virtually all buildings in the centre of the town. This really creates a unique, fairy-tale climate in Mittenwald.

The town is also known for its quiet atmosphere. If you want to enjoy the view of the mountains, see interesting objects of Alpine architecture and listen to local live music, this place will be perfect for you. Visit Zum Alten Rathaus or Schokoladen-Himmel to try some local specialities.

From Mittenwald, you can take a cable car to the higher parts of the mountains or go on one of the scenic routes on foot. Walking the town, the Alps will accompany you at every step making the town one of the prettiest in Germany!

Mittenwald, Germany


Whitney of Designs For Travel

One of the prettiest towns in Germany is Oberammergau, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavaria Alps. This charming German town sits next to and looks up to a gorgeous landscape of mountains towering over the quaint houses. The surrounding area is different shades of green in the warm weather months and a white winter wonderland in the cold weather months.

What makes this small town even more special is the masterpiece frescoes painted onto the exterior of almost all of the houses and businesses in Oberammergau. These facade paintings included Biblical scenes, fairy tales, and classical paintings. I loved walking through this town with my family while looking at all of the incredible art and reciting our favorite family travel quotes.

Oberammergau is one of the prettiest towns in Germany


BTTM Team Member Alicia

Oppenheim’s beauty lies in its location in the country’s largest wine region, Rheinhessen. The town is situated among grapevine covered hills above the Rhine river. Adding to the allure are beautifully constructed churches and castle ruins with views of the Rhine plain.

A visit to old town Oppenheim should include touring the beautiful Katharinenkirche with gorgeous stained-glass windows and an impressive organ. Don’t miss Michaelskapelle next door with a cute garden in back and Germany’s largest and best-preserved ossuary in a chamber underneath. Walk up the winding, tree lined Burgstrasse to Landskron castle ruins for endless views and a glimpse into the town’s history.

For the wine lovers, be sure to visit the area’s many wineries for tastings and the Deutsches Weinbaumuseum (German wine museum) to learn everything about vines and wine in Germany! Lastly, get some eis and coffee at Cafe Klatsch am Markt in the scenic market square.

Oppenheim, Germany


Lyubomira of Bulgarian On The Go

Quedlinburg is one of those places that looks like a postcard came to life. It’s considered among the best preserved medieval towns in Germany, where you can find some of the oldest timber-framed houses of the country.

Unlike many other cities, Quedlinburg got spared and wasn’t destroyed during WWII, which is one of the reasons it is so special nowadays – here you can find the typical German houses, some of which date back to the 1300s. The medieval vibes, narrow cobbled streets and colorful buildings make the place absolutely stunning and visit-worthy.

The town of Quedlinburg is so small that it can be easily explored within a day. Some of the most important things to see are the town hall with the main square, the castle on the hill with the St. Servatius church, as well as the many other churches spread around. Here are some more ideas for things to do in Quedlinburg.

Quedlinburg is one of the prettiest towns in Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Alex of Swedish Nomad

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the most romantic and picturesque places to visit in Germany, known for its medieval history and architecture with colorful houses. It’s located along the Romantic Road in southern Germany, and the name of the town in English would be translated as “Red fortress above the Tauber”.

During World War II, Rothenburg ob der Tauber was often named as the epitome of the German “Home Town” and served as an ideal to represent true Germany. Nowadays, it’s very popular, especially among Asian tourists who are fascinated by the iconic architecture.

There are lots of artisan shops where handicrafts and local products are sold, such as the Schneeball, which is a local pastry. Additionally, there are plenty of gasthofs where authentic German food is being prepared and served to tourists. The best part of the small town is of course the architecture and charming cobblestoned streets and alleys.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rüdesheim am Rhein

Lindsay of I’ve Been Bit! Travel Blog

While Rüdesheim am Rhein is home to one of the most famous streets in all of Germany, the Drosselgasse, its beauty extends much further than that. This picturesque town is the epitome of wine country as it’s surrounded by sprawling hills of vines that seem to extend up into the sky.

Take a stroll along the cobblestone streets and peek into the town’s adorable shops. One thing you can’t miss is the Rüdesheim Ring Ticket tour, part of which will take you above the city via cable car.

You’ll be blown away by the incredible views of the Rhine River! That’s not even the best part as the tour continues with a chairlift ride AND a river cruise! It’s easily the best way to truly experience Rüdesheim and the surrounding area.

Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany
Rüdesheim am Rhein


Hanna of Solar Powered Blonde

Bavaria is full of beautiful towns, but Schliersee is one of the best to stay in. It is right on Schliersee Lake where in summer you can rent a boat, kayak or try stand up paddle boarding. The blue color of the water is stunning and it is surrounded by mountains all around.

What makes it particularly pretty are all of the traditional Bavarian houses with lots of flowers on the balconies at the front. In winter it is also beautiful due to the houses all being covered in a thick layer of snow.

Schliersee is also home to Lantenhammer distillery for the gin lovers and the culinary art cafe for the coffee drinkers. It has something for everyone, especially photographers as it really is very photogenic and one of the prettiest towns in Germany!

Schliersee, Germany


Cate of My German Vacation

Tübingen is definitely one of the prettiest towns in Germany! An easy day trip from Stuttgart, Tübingen is a vibrant yet relaxed university town with much to offer visitors.

A few highlights: take a walk along the peaceful Neckar river to Hölderlinturm, hike up to the old castle for amazing views, enjoy coffee at a busy student café (try Schwarzes Schaf) or browse the shops, markets, fountains, and half-timber buildings in the cobblestoned old town.

If you’re there in December, be sure to visit their yearly outdoor holiday ChocolART festival (it’s only open one week a year so be sure to check current dates). If you’re in the mood for more than a day trip, Tübingen makes a wonderful home base for travelers wanting to visit nearby Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein castles.

Tübingen, Germany

Pro Tip: While exploring the country, also check out the best castles in Germany!

Final Thoughts On Prettiest Towns In Germany

Aren’t these towns just adorable?? We can’t wait to get back to Germany so we can visit these small towns and wander their cobble stone streets. They look like they came straight out of a fairy tale!

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These are the prettiest towns in Germany! See what makes them so charming; you'll soon be planning a trip to these fairy tale destinations!

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  1. So many cute towns to add to my list! I stayed in Berchtesgaden for a few days last summer and I loved it! The salt mine tour was fun and I had a little adventure driving the narrow streets of the village at night with bad GPS guidance, just to get some eis! Fun times!

  2. Oh yeah, Germany has some pretty little towns. We went to 2: Oberstaufen and Uberlinger. The latter is on the great Bodensee Lake.

  3. Wonderful post, Vicky! I loved seeing all the photos of Germany’s charming small towns, and this definitely makes me want to visit again.

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