Buddy with his birthday cupcake

Happy Birthday Buddy

I can’t believe my little buddy is turning four years old!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!


It seems like only yesterday that I picked him up at a Dolphins game… *cue the fade away harp music*


It was December 23, 2012 and the Miami Dolphins had just beat the Buffalo Bills at home in Sun Life Stadium (now known as Hard Rock Stadium). I was ecstatic that we’d won and headed over to the stadium gift shop to see if I could find anything cool to commemorate the event.


Ticket to a Miami Dolphins game


And then I saw him- the cute little monkey that would become my travel buddy. Without a second thought, I picked him up and went straight to the register. To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement.


Buddy The Traveling Monkey


Since that day we’ve traveled to a lot of new cities, countries, and continents. He’s been with me through breakups, moving across the country, and inspired me to start a travel blog.


Below are some of my favorite pictures of Buddy, taken all over the world…

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, US
  3. Lake Quilotoa, Ecuador
  4. Hot air balloon ride over Central Florida, US
  5. Pike Place Market, Washington, US
  6. Railay Beach, Thailand
  7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  8. Stonehenge, England
  9. Machu Picchu, Peru


Favorite pictures of Buddy around the world


So please help me in wishing Buddy a very happy birthday by doing any (or all) of these…


  • a) Commenting at the end of this post with the hashtag #happybirthdaybuddy and where you’d love to see Buddy travel to next.


  • b) Liking, Retweeting, or replying to the tweet below (remember to use the hashtag #happybirthdaybuddy)



  • c) Liking and commenting on the Instagram picture below (remember to use the hashtag #happybirthdaybuddy)



Thank you all so much! I know Buddy will appreciate all the love and birthday wishes! 😀


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  1. #happybirthdaybuddy ever thought about Easter Island?

    1. Thanks Nano! And yes we have! Would love to go there one day! 😀

  2. Happy birthday old man! I wish to see Buddy in Boquete, Panama. What are you doing in February??

  3. #happybirthdaybuddy !!! How fun to have a travel companion like Buddy! 🙂 I love the photos of him around the world… I think he should make a trip to San Felipe, baja! Its one of our favorite spots!

  4. #happybirthdaybuddy! I mentioned on Instagram that buddy should meet some other monkeys in Southeast Asia or Central America. I guess he’s been to Asia already, but how about Belize or Costa Rica?

  5. Happy Birthday, Buddy! Your cute face set against travelscapes always makes me smile. #happybirthdaybuddy

  6. And a very Happy Birthday to Buddy! I have a friend who brings her snaily all around the world and can be seen in many photos! He is a very lucky sock monkey!

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