Affordable hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland

Galaxy Pod Hostel In Reykjavik, Iceland

Doing Iceland on a budget? With its futuristic sleeping pods, Galaxy Pod Hostel offers its guests modern amenities at affordable prices.


*A big thank you to Galaxy Pod Hostel! We were offered a complimentary stay in exchange for this review but, as always, all opinions are our own.*


Galaxy Pod Hostel In Reykjavik, Iceland

It’s a well-known fact that Iceland is an expensive country to visit. To save some money, but still have modern amenities, we recommend staying at Galaxy Pod Hostel.


During our visit to the Land of Fire and Ice, we based ourselves in Reykavik. The Galaxy Pod Hostel was perfect for us as it was only a few minutes walk from downtown and close to restaurants, bus stops, and a grocery store.


Galaxy Pod Hostel Lounge And Bar

The hostel is located on the 3rd floor of an office building (you can take the stairs or an elevator). The first thing that catches your eye when you walk in is the lounge area. There are a bunch of couches and pillows, perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring Reykjavik or the surrounding areas. The next thing that will probably catch your eye is the bar (happy hour is from 7pm to 9pm!).


Lounge area of the Galaxy Pod Hostel

The bar at the Galaxy Pod Hostel


Galaxy Pod Hostel Reception Area

Off to the right is the reception desk. You can check in after 2pm and must check out before 11am, but the reception area is open from 7am to 11pm (which is really convenient if you need help with anything or have any questions about the area). And just beyond the reception desk is a wall that you can write your name on; we thought that was a pretty unique feature!


front desk and lobby of the Galaxy Pod hostel


Galaxy Pod Hostel Kitchen

Galaxy Pod Hostel also has a pretty modern kitchen area. During our stay we saw plenty of people cooking since it’s a lot cheaper to buy food at the grocery store that’s across the street and cook your own meals. Iceland is expensive! There’s also a big refrigerator where you can keep your food (make sure to properly label) or share food with others (the top shelf is reserved for communal purposes).


kitchen area of the galaxy pod hostel


Galaxy Pod Hostel Bathroom

The bathroom area has multiple sinks, toilets, and showers. It was clean every time we went which is always a big plus for us when we stay in hostels. We really liked that each shower stall was large enough to also have a little stool to put your stuff on; we had plenty of room to dry off and change. There was also a blow dryer which was great because the last thing you want to do in Iceland is go out with wet hair.


Note that the bathroom is shared by males and females and if you forget to take your own towel you can rent one from reception for the duration of your stay for 500 ISK (about $4.50).


bathroom of the galaxy pod hostel


Galaxy Pod Hostel Dorms

The hostel also has a few different styles of accommodation. They have mixed dorms with multiple bunks and they also have a room with 4 queen-sized beds. We did see a few families staying at the hostel, so we imagine those queen beds are perfect for them. The dorms all have pretty large lockers as well that you can open with a key card that is provided (yay for not having to fumble around with locks and keys!).


dorm room of the galaxy pod hostel

large locker provided at the galaxy pod hostel


Galaxy Pod Hostel Japanese Style Pods

But what attracts people to the hostel the most is, of course, the pods. Styled after the popular Japanese sleeping pods, Galaxy Pod Hostel is one of the few places in Europe that offers these fun and spaceship-like capsules. The pods are a lot roomier than you’d think and come with a lot of great extras like:

  • – A small safe for valuables
  • – Various light settings and fans that can be controlled from one panel
  • – An electrical plug
  • – A mirror
  • – A shelf
  • – An alarm clock
  • – Hangers

What we loved the most about our pod was that the mattress came with a memory-foam mattress on top and that we could slide our pod door closed and have some privacy, a luxury you don’t often get in a hostel.


female dorm with six pods at the galaxy pod hostel

inside of a pod at the galaxy pod hostel with lights, a safe, alarm clock, shelf, and power plugs


We slept really well in our pod thanks to that memory foam mattress and felt ready for the next days’ adventures…


view from the galaxy pod hostel
The morning view from our room, courtesy of our pod-mate Annette Moore.


Pro Tip: Go prepared and check out our Iceland Packing List!


Final Thoughts On Galaxy Pod Hostel

This was by far the best and coolest hostel we’ve ever stayed in. Everyone that worked there was really friendly and helpful and the free WiFi was really fast. We loved the modern facilities, how close it was to downtown, and the futuristic pods. We would recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to save money but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort and convenience. It’s definitely one of the best places to stay in Iceland on a budget.


If you’d like to know more about Galaxy Pod Hostel, you can email them directly at or check out Galaxy Pod Hostel’s website.


Have you ever slept in a pod? Would you? We’d love to read your comments below! πŸ™‚


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With its futuristic sleeping pods, Galaxy Pod Hostel offers its guests modern amenities at affordable prices.


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  1. Have never slept in a pod, but sounds very cool and perfect for those that aren’t used to the dorm style hostels.

  2. I thought my hostel days were over, but I would definitely consider staying in one of those pods, and I know how expensive Iceland can be. Great tip.

  3. That looks amazing and interesting, would love to sleep in a pod. Iceland must be an incredible place to visit. I haven’t been yet, even tho I am from Norway which is quite close xD
    Thank you

  4. I didn’t know Iceland has pod hotels? That is so cool! I’ve only seen them in Japan before and I just think they are such a unique option for travelers. Got to keep that in mind for my next trip to Iceland!

    1. Hi Maria! Yup, they’re one of the few places that has them in Europe!

  5. I’ve never slept in a pod but I’d totally try it! At least for one night, ha. I know Iceland is really expensive so thanks for sharing a more affordable place to stay. Happy travels πŸ™‚

  6. Daniel Hernandez says:

    They look like gigantic washing machines from the outside. Super cool concept!

  7. I agree completely with this. I met you there as we shared space in the pod room! The hostel welcomed me and I met great folks there!

    1. Hi Annette!! It was so great to meet you at the hostel! Wasn’t it such a cool space? πŸ˜€

  8. I’ve never stayed in a hostel but the idea of one of those pods seems outrageously fun! I know that Iceland can be pretty expensive, so I love the lower cost alternative. The hostel looks very clean and well kept up.

  9. A capsule hotel in Iceland? Who knew! Love the idea of this, as I think pods are the perfect set-up for a hostel. Hopefully we’ll see this become more common.

  10. I’ve never slept in a pod but am totally open to it. Especially if it gives you more privacy. I would appreciate that. Since I do hope to make it to Iceland someday, I’ll be keeping this information stashed away for a future date!

  11. Those pods are awesome! I’ve never heard of them outside of Japan, but it’s one more reason to visit Iceland.

  12. I’m such a light sleeper that dorm rooms in hostels are impossible so a pod option, and that door you can close sounds wonderful. Must get to Iceland soon!

  13. I have never stayed at a hostel nor slept in a pod. This does look super cool though. I’d do it!

  14. Chrysoula says:

    Although I am not a big fan of hostels, I really like this one especially the pods where you can have some privacy. I am planning a trip to Iceland and as it is expensive I will have this hostel in mind.

  15. No longer a fan of hostels, but I’d love to try a stay at one like this. Those pods look so cool and comfortable! Definitely something to be considered when I go back to Reykjavik! πŸ™‚

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