Buddy’s Buddies

Buddy’s Buddies

I’ve literally had a passport since I was a baby and have had a case of wanderlust long before I even knew it was a word. I also think traveling is the best way to grow and learn; that is why I love to inspire others to travel. What I’d love most is to inspire kids to have that same desire and curiosity. I know that I can do that by taking pictures of their stuffed animals in front of famous landmarks around the world. They can see those pictures and think “One day I’ll go there too!”

For only $30 we offer: A personalized postcard, multiple pictures in front of famous landmarks, and a safe delivery home.

*Next trip to be announced soon*

Meet Bob! He belongs to 11 year old Gabriel and traveled with us to Jamaica in early May 2016!

Meet Pincho! He belongs to 6 year old Eva and traveled with us to Thailand and Cambodia in November 2015!

Meet Troop! He belongs to 4 year old Kaden and traveled with us to the Galapagos and to Machu Picchu at the end of May 2015!

Troop’s South American Adventure May 2015

This is Stitch! He belongs to 9 year old Camila and traveled with us to New York at the beginning of January 2015!

Stitch’s New York Adventure January 2015
Camila and Stitch are reunited!

Camila was so excited to see the pictures! And she loved the postcard. Thank you so much! – Erika L.

Buddy’s first buddy! Meet Coco the dog, who belongs to 3 year old Colin. Coco traveled with us to Europe at the beginning of November 2014.

Coco’s European Adventure November 2014
Colin and Coco are reunited!

Coco is home from his European adventure! Thank you Vicky and Buddy for taking such good care of him! – Nicole O. 

This is Christmas! He belongs to 7 year old Matthew and also traveled with us to Europe!

Christmas’ European Adventure November 2014