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Hi! Traveling is my passion and I’d love to share that passion with you and maybe, just maybe, I can inspire you to pursue your passion as well.

Buddy The Traveling Monkey on a beach in Krabi Thailand

Vicky and I met on December 23, 2012 when she bought me at a Miami Dolphins football game. We’ve been best friends since! Our first big trip together was to Bali, Indonesia so that country will always have a special place in my heart.

People always ask me, what’s my number one travel tip? Here it is… Always have snacks! 😉


Hi everybody! I’m Vicky and I love to travel!

Argentina 227

I’ve dreamed of traveling the world since I was a little kid. I remember looking through my mom’s encyclopedias (yes, those things people used before that Google machine came along) and telling myself that one day I would see all of those places.

My first real chance to travel came after I joined the military. I was stationed in Europe for three years and was able to visit many countries. Since then I’ve managed to travel to a few more. So far, I’ve traveled to over 30 countries in five continents and I’m nowhere near finished.

The thought of going somewhere new gets me so giddy it’s ridiculous. I’ve made a few transitions over the last few years to be able to travel more, including quitting my safe 9-5 job to start working for a company that let me work remotely half of the week, to most recently selling all of my stuff and becoming a full time blogger while moving from place to place with Trusted Housesitters.

Although I may no longer be working a “normal” full time job, I lived that life for a long time; I have always believed that it is possible to travel while having a full time job. Nothing can stop you if you make travel a priority in your life.

With this blog, I hope to inspire others to travel. Whether it’s for a weekend, or for a year. I just want people to get out there!

I am currently based in South Florida and have two main goals: To show people that they can travel even if they have a full time job and to show how much more there is to Florida than the typical tourist attractions.

So join us as we continue to travel and explore this great big world!

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