10 Hours In Boston

10 Hours In Boston

There are so many things to see and do in “Beantown” but even if you only have a day in Boston, you can still visit most of its major attractions. We were able to do a lot in only 10 hours!


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When we decided to go to the Women In Travel Summit, we were excited not only to learn and get to know other bloggers, but also to explore Boston for the first time. The problem, however, was that we didn’t have enough vacation time to get in to Boston early or to stay a few days after the conference. At the time, we were traveling while working a full time job. But we were determined to make the most of my trip to.


day in Boston

Flying into Boston


WITS activities began at 7pm on Friday and we were able to get a flight that arrived that morning at 11am. We went straight to the hostel we were staying at so we could drop off our backpack and get back to exploring. We asked one of the girls at the front desk if she could recommend a good hop-on / hop-off tour since we had seen a few advertised. She said that Old Town Trolley Tours was the most popular so we walked the few blocks to their office on the corner of Charles St and Boylston St.


day in Boston

Take a quick stroll through the Boston Commons and Public Gardens

Things To Do In Boston

A beautiful view, even during a Boston winter


A lot of people don’t like these kinds of tours; they say they’re too “touristy.” But we’ve found them to be very convenient and usually the drivers are always funny and pass on a lot of interesting facts that you otherwise would not have learned. So when we’re in a new city, we always try to find these kinds of tours first.


Trinity Church In Boston

Trinity Church

Stained glass window inside Trinity Church In Boston

Stained glass window inside Trinity Church

John Hancock Tower and Trinity Church

In complete contrast, the John Hancock Tower stands tall over the church


You could easily spend two days in Boston using the hop-on / hop-off trolley tour if you want to take your time and see everything on the route. Since we only had a limited amount of time, we only picked a few attractions that we wanted to stop at. And even though we didn’t get off at every stop, we still learned a little bit about each place from the drivers.


Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston Tea Party Museum

throwing tea at Boston Tea Party Museum

Guess who worked some muscles as she threw some heavy tea overboard?!


From 12pm to 5pm we used the trolley to make our way around Boston. Almost everything closed at 5pm so there wasn’t much choice there. So if you do have limited time, try to plan accordingly. For example, if it’s 4 o’clock and you have to choose between going to the Boston Tea Party Museum or the Cheers bar, go to the museum first and save the bar for later since they are open longer hours.


Paul Revere's house In Boston

Paul Revere’s house. There was construction outside to build a new visitor center. Did you know he had 16 kids?!

views from the Skywalk at the Top Of The Hub

Great views from the Skywalk at the Top Of The Hub



On Saturday, we were done with conference activities around 4:30pm so we were back on the streets shortly afterwards. These few hours (from 5pm to 10pm) were mostly dedicated to food and drinks.


Cheers bar in Boston

Where everybody knows your name!!

Things To Do In Boston

Kathy got a cold one, but I’m not really a fan of beer. But I wanted the beer mug. So the bar tender was nice enough to put my amaretto sour in one 😉

clam chowder at the Union Oyster House

My first time eating clam chowder and it was at the Union Oyster House, America’s oldest restaurant. Thanks Andrew for the recommendation, it was delicious!

Stopped by Quincy Market and got some yummy lobster ravioli

Stopped by Quincy Market and got some yummy lobster ravioli

best cannolis In Boston

Holy cannoli! This place is pretty famous, and rightfully so; this Oreo cannoli was amazing!


We feel like we were able to do quite a bit during our 10 hours of exploring Boston. So don’t get discouraged if you only have a few hours in a new city. Make the most of your time and find a way to get around town quickly and efficiently.


What’s the shortest amount of time you’ve spent in a new place? Were you able to see what you wanted?


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