A Visit To The Museum Of Florida History

A Visit To The Museum Of Florida History

To really get to know the history of Florida, we recommend a visit to the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee. With awesome artifacts and interactive displays, it’s a fun place for everyone to learn the story of the 27th state of the United States.


We’ve been to a lot of museums and they’ve been all over the world, but this is seriously one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to. Unless you’re really a history buff, it’s hard to keep the attention of the average person in a museum. Yes, there are interesting things to see and read about. But how often to do you get to touch or play with these interesting things?


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Museum Of Florida History


That’s what I loved about MFH. So many of their displays aren’t behind glass, and kids (and adults) are encouraged to pick things up, push buttons, and twist and turn things. Another really cool feature is their audio system. As you’re walking through their exhibits, you hear different things that are associated with what you’re looking at. For example, when walking through the “Spanish Exploration” exhibit, you’re walking along a dock that leads to a replica of a Spanish ship. The whole time you’re hearing clinking and clanking, people talking, and typical sounds that you would hear at a dock. It’s details like that that really impressed me about MFH.


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Museum Of Florida History

On the ship, you can practice tying different knots. From the outside, you can see what it would look like from the dock or from the beach.


There were also interactive activities, like rooms where kids could play with replicas and different games that could be done by touchscreen (apparently I suck at figuring out the steps to load a cannon). Plus, there are life cast models that tell the story of historical individuals. All of these visualizations are a great way to learn and, more importantly, to remember what you learned.


Buddy The Traveling Monkey Museum Of Florida History

Prehistoric Florida, Native American history, Spanish colonization, and trading with the British.

Buddy The Traveling Monkey Museum Of Florida History

A reconstruction of a typical citrus packing house (because… oranges), old school cars typically seen in Florida, the “Florida Remembers World War II” exhibit, and an early 1900s riverboat.

Buddy The Traveling Monkey Museum Of Florida History

The museum also has temporary exhibits like the Sun, Sand, and Speed–Florida Auto Racing exhibit. The exhibit details auto racing history from 1903 to the present and includes cars, memorabilia, and videos.


I should also mention that admission to MFH is free (although they do appreciate donations) and is conveniently located near the Florida State University campus and the new and old capital buildings. There are two parking garages nearby, as well as street parking. We recommend parking at a garage because street parking is difficult to find.


We highly recommend a visit to the Museum of Florida History because it does an excellent job of telling the history and culture of Florida and it’s people in a fun way that everyone can enjoy.


** A big thank you to Elyse Cornelison for taking the time to show us around this wonderful museum!**



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